Tuesday, February 26, 2013

* 9 * Years Old!

There was a birthday at our house!

Someone is pretty pleased it's finally her turn!

So happy to finally be 9 years old!

I went all out on the gluten free cupcakes because apparently cupcakes trump birthday cake. At least according to one little 9 year old girl!

Dad was soley responsible for the gift buying this year. I say he probably did better than i would have.

Ummmm.... that would be a rousing game of badminton being played in my living room. Andrew and Dad showing James how.

He received equipment for more than one game.

Pleased as punch.


Jennifer P said...

Happy Birthday! They look very pleased. Love the smiles.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I love the photos! They look so happy.

Sean and Lisa said...

YAY! 9 years old...any birthday around here is a big deal as I'm sure it is for them too! Happy, happy birthday!

Mission Pilot said...

Happy Birthday dear James and Anna-Joy!!! We are happy to see pictures of your party - those are really cool gifts! We love you and pray for you! Love, Your uncle, aunty and cousins in Africa xxxx