Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm Ready

My brain capacity to learn from a lecture is nearly maxed out, I think....

Just a few more classes in the morning before I fly home.

I'm not sure if the family is ready for me to come home, though....  I've got some serious frontal lobe enhancing strategies planned for the whole gang. Like it or lump it, I refuse to waste all this amazing information and knowledge gained. I imagine I will have to do a fair amount of studying to retain anything. My brain is not in the best of form.... more like a sieve, but I took notes as fast as I could and gathered what handouts were offered. I also have a pile of books. I actually missed one lecture because I just couldn't think anymore.

We enjoyed a great concert tonight. Dr. Nedley was providing us with a good example of frontal lobe enhancing music using his own boys and their fabulous talent along with some of their friends. They gave us a few examples of non-brain enhancing music for contrast - just little snippets on the piano that was kind of entertaining, to be honest, but the rest was really, really good. I'm signing up for the quartet's new CD coming out shortly.


Daniela said...

Thanks for your comment Angela! It was indeed nice to meet you :-).

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Can't wait to hear all that you learned.

:) :) :)