Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to Reality

No time to waste... I've been made to put my new learning into action already and I've only been home a few hours.

We've had some serious cognitive distortions taking over and influencing some bad decisions. Before 7 o'clock we've had one boy child wet his pants, throw a tantrum, refuse to speak to me, miss the bus, go into a stand-off, yell, etc...  I hadn't so much as had a chance to say good morning yet. My best guess is that it was mostly  a non-verbal statement of, "You were gone too long, and I need your attention."

Missy was just fine, though, she's given everybody at home a run for her money. I'm sure she'll make her statement in one way or another before the day's over.

It's amazing how far and how deep and how fast the cognitive distortions will lead a guy. No time like the present to put into action the knowledge gained. We talked about how the brain works in teeny tiny snippets and I showed him how his negative thoughts made him choose bad actions that led him to the sad place he was in. Next we did a stimulating hydrotherapy shower and a salt glow rub down.  He then rested after his hydrotherapy while listening to classical music for thirty minutes -because the whole process was rather stimulating. We heaped on the ground flax on his breakfast... we went walking for 40 minutes using intervals for 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow for two miles. He is busy doing extra household and barn chores and we'll get to the extra homework soon.  He has some scripture memory verses to work on also.

Yes, he is missing school. Sometimes that's just the way it has to be.

I'll say he's made an amazing turn around. It's a good thing because I am hurting all over and getting sick.

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