Friday, February 8, 2013


James had a friend over to play.

Actually, I was babysitting Buddy, Duckling and their Big Brother last evening. Big Brother is 7. He and James had a great time. I'm always so thankful to see another boy play with James and kind of lead the way and show him how.

Actually last evening, the two boys seemed to be on equal footing and James led the play just as much as the Big Brother did. Brianna and Christina sort of directed the play some of the time.... that always makes things interesting. They played with hot wheels. They built a forte in the living room with chairs and blankets and turned out the lights and went on bear hunts with flashlights. They found bear "eggs" (golf balls) and a baby bear (The Duckling) and bear feet (Bri's bare feet) and Buddy hunted along behind them bonking his head on the furniture in the dark everywhere he went. . .

I don't know if anyone out there can understand the satisfaction of seeing my boy being able to interact in this way and be totally accepted as just a regular kid like the rest of them... I know he doesn't really have a friend at school. According to both Missy and him they are all their friends, but I don't see that being reciprocal much at all. It's sad because they try so hard.

The kendamas have become a real big thing. The Big Brother is teaching the twins how to use theirs. It takes a lot of coordination, but they are doing it! It's a good healthy activity.