Thursday, February 7, 2013

From Cover to Cover This Morning

Just read my second book cover to cover this week. 
 Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder - a mother's story of research and recovery is the one I read this morning
I could not put it down. It reads like a novel, but is packed with absolute truth.
I have to say there are some similarities to what I have observed in the twins, though, I still cannot agree they have autism.(Especially since James was tested for it) But I would be more willing to accept they are on the high end of the spectrum if I had a diagnosis for PPD - which I don't at this time. Such a puzzle. As far as this book goes, though, if they are, I am absolutely on the right track with the dairy free, gluten free diet and being absolutely vigilant about their bowl health and treating yeast..... It's all a part of the issues with the brain, believe it or not.
ONLY... I think rather than getting more lax as I have been wont to do lately, I need to be absolutely more strict of GF thing.
Well, I should be folding laundry.... Kids will be home soon. I await them anxiously and hope that today is not the forth day in a row that James wets his pants at school. If it is, then we shall make an appointment with the doctor to make sure he doesn't have UTI - highly unlikely, but it has been months, and months since we've dealt with this issue and I must be sure. The teachers are on board with me, and yet he still came home soaked through. He's missed a lot of things on account of it this week.

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