Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sick and Happy

I realize those two words don't usually go together.

One child is really sick. He is worse instead of better. Still no fever. 
He just can't seem to keep very much down. 
This morning he couldn't keep his water. 
He's thin enough... it kind of worries me. 
He hasn't an ounce of fat and I can't seem to add anything to him.

The other has been VERY happy. 
So happy, in fact, that she has us cracking up half the time. 
She really enjoyed her three day trip with Steve and Andrew.
 They went to the zoo. 
It was empty of people and all the animals were playing and hamming it up for them to see. 
Missy is also looking forward to her birthday already... 
It is so good to see her pleasant side.

She is as vigilant is ever. 
Steve thinks he secretly bought her a surprise birthday present. 
She told me all about it already.

She isn't beyond bargaining, either. So funny sometimes. She asked for toast this morning. 
I monitor how much of that gluten free bread she gets 
because she has problems if she eats very much. 
She asked if she could have a toast for breakfast and when it was looking like the outcome would be positive she quickly said, 
"One or two?" 
and before I could even answer  my face must have reflected in the negative, 
because she quickly changed it to, 
"One now and one for later today?" 
I'll take that over her getting her nickers in a twist and spiraling off into the abyss!!!

Little Light Ministries is presenting Battlefield Hollywood at the Performing Arts Center. 
Because of James illness I'll not get to a single meeting, 
but they closed our whole church down for this so everyone else is there. 
I can watch the DVD's later.

Steve and I went for a walk this morning. 
A first in a long time. 
We are completely socked in with fog after a few SPRINGY days of SUNSHINE and warm weather.

It really can't be long until spring now!! :-)


Sharon said...

"I'll take that over her getting her nickers in a twist and spiraling off into the abyss!!!" Good line! Love your photos! By the way, I want to kidnap your kitty! Gorgeous eyes!

angela ford said...

lol. well, it would be even better if I spelled the words right.