Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sleep study

She slept like a log which is what she doesn't always do. . . But the nurse, Vanessa, told me that it was good we did the study. She watched her all night long, but can't discuss what she saw.

Went to the zoo yesterday. Decided to get a membership since we are here all the time. Beats hanging out at REI!!!!

Today we visit the post adoption clinic. It was suggested by our adoption agency that we get Missy's neurotransmitters tested. And on research about the amino acids involved and second thought, I realized that Missy was doing fairly well in May and June... I was really faithful at making sure she was getting the Omega3's, etc... Then I got sidetracked with family visiting and then super busy with the babies as the girls left... She got her vitamins and all when I remembered, which wasn't often. As you can tell things have been going downhill from there. As the bottles have emptied I have not replaced them and I think that is a mistake.

We'll see what the day brings... Hopefully a little more zoo ;-)


Oldqueen44 said...

Wow, Sounds encouraging. Things you remembered and maybe something from the sleep study.
Good luck.

Annie said...

Any results from the sleep study?