Thursday, August 9, 2012

On a Roll

I have been blessed to find a customer who will buy ALL my #1 tomatoes for a dollar a pound!
This is better than I had hoped for!
And I don't have to go to the farmer's market!
Today Smallwoods bought everything I had picked - 102 lbs worth!
They said they would be sold within 24 hours.

I have my restaurant orders and I have orders for canning tomatoes,

And you wouldn't believe it but I have an order from an out of State blog reader.

I trust the Lord will fulfill those orders with beautiful fruit. I've got to get out there and take care of those plants!!

I managed to can a dozen quarts for us today.

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Stina~Bee said...

Praise God! Rememer all the days when we worried that the tomatoes weren't producing as well as last year? Looks like it's above and beyond..... Beautiful! Christina