Monday, August 20, 2012

New Day

Things got a lot worse yesterday before they got better.

Well, okay, maybe they never got better.

I was able to bring Buster Brown to a decision to change his course by the middle of the day and to pray with me, but unfortunately, he did not stay the course long. After doing a half job of sweeping the garage he went into hysterics when I asked him to go over the corners and around the edges. He struggled with this for hours...

The real tantrum started about 8 o'clock when I let him know that dad would be home soon and would available to see how the job they had agreed on was completed. He turned violent and I required him to go sit up on the trampoline away from the house (to protect the little ones from the noise and the windows from his fists.) He went up the bank but escalated and was spewing ugliness towards me... just as Steve drove up and saw everything. He took over. It took a long time, but the job was finished and the animal chores were done. After, we threw away his shirt that he had mangled in the course of the day, which was a little sad, since it was the tie-dye shirt he had made recently.

Missy is improving on the Omega 3's, and vitamins and herbs. James is still way off his rocker. This morning he has been preparing to go to school. There is no school today. Summer school ended last week and regular school doesn't start until next week, but he's  definitely not thinking right or he's wishing really hard to escape home chores. :- P

A friend is going to take Missy for an over night away this week. I think it will be good for all of us.

I spent an hour on the phone with a woman out in West Virginia. She runs a school for at-risk boys and girls. They take children as young as 6 with attachment disorders. I am not thinking to send the kids, I wanted her suggestions in helping them. She gave me several things to think and pray about. 


Anonymous said...

I would love to know what you found out.. I could email you if it is on your info, if you are willing to share. I am currently black and blue from my 7 year old.

Acceptance with Joy said...

my email address is





~ V ~ said...

My now 21 yo adopted brother spent a few years at MM. He lived with my parents from age almost 6 to teen years and they finally sent him there as a last resort. It made a world of difference for him. He's been back home now for 4-5 years. There are still (and probably always will be) some issues, but MM was good for the whole family. He now has a full-time job (with benefits) and just got his drivers license.