Monday, June 18, 2012

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We are home. We were blessed.

Me and the little Duckling

We were not able to get respite for campmeeting for the little ones. With our trip starting on a weekday and the fact that the babies are not in daycare limits who is able to take them for respite. The parents were more comfortable with us taking the kids with us than sending them off to someone they don't know, and frankly, so were we. The social worker thought it would be easier on us to have respite, but they couldn't find it.

The girl with the sunburned eyes...

Camping with this many kids is a hoot... takes a lot of organization. See we had Mary and her kids with us, too. We had the perfect campsite right beside the main meeting tent and I could tend to the babies and hear the programs without ever leaving our spot. I would say I didn't get quite as much out of it as I would have without the babies, but I had a ton of help. Lots of people would swoop in and take one or the other and give a bottle or rock them or run after the Buddy. The Buddy would live outside if he could. He had a grand time. Nights are not so easy with waking every three hours to feed the little Duckling. We got a system going with a thermos and stuff and it wasn't too bad. We enjoyed the fellowship immensely and counting ourselves we fed over 35 people at our tent on Sabbath for lunch. Then we had a different bunch for supper. What would we do without the all-time favorite SDA potluck menu??!! Haystacks are amazing!

preparing our meal

While we were away we took the twins to meet with their biological mother at the park for their once a year visit. It went fine, but it wasn't the easiest. James was aloof and very much scripted. He said the right things at the right time and cooperated to a T. There was no emotion visible. He did what he was suppose to and said what he thought he was suppose to say and he was just as happy to get back to campmeeting and his class when it was over.  Missy was giddy, then anxious, then clingy, then miserable and uncooperative, and greedy and confused. The bio mom needed lots of assuring that the visit was going fine and she talked a lot and took a ton of pictures. She is the adult version of Missy and was  anxious and needed reassuring.... Missy hugged and cuddled and was doted on. James would have none of that.

at the park

Steve put his back out big time. He's totally incapacitated in bed on ice.

Last night was the hardest yet with the Duckling. He was having major tummy troubles.

The fostercare roller coaster took on a surprising turn. The Duckling is likely going back with mom this week. The hearing is Wednesday, but I'll have some sort of schedule tomorrow. The mom is requesting both her babies back, of course, but I think they will return one at a time. DSHS is not recommending that the Buddy go quite yet. I am off to wash up all the baby things and get the Duck's clothes organized in sizes and hopefully they will have a nice practical layette of sizes up to 9 months or so. People have showered us with baby clothes and since I don't know what the next foster child will need I would like to give the mom what I have that the Duckling will use for awhile.

I'm really happy that the family is doing so well. We'll miss the little chap.... but then, sleep, oh sleep!!! How I have missed you!!

The girls are home for their first official summer day. So nice to have help. I made up a huge list of things that must be done around here.... By 2 AM this morning I was discouraged that I was still not asleep and all my projects loomed larger than life. The night always seems to magnifies things. The girls are pulling up the slack as best they can. I doubt we'll get everything done I was hoping before our company arrives, though. It's just impossible with Steve flat on his back and no sleep for me.

The twins did fine away from home, but then we came home....James has taken everything in stride. Missy not so much. She tantrum-ed royally yesterday while we were cleaning out the van and putting away all the camping gear and food. Everyone was pitching in nicely except her and she was quite disrespectful and refused to help. Steve pulled her aside and talked quietly with her about working as a family and  I laid down the law. The pool is open, but if she can't be respectful and helpful and obedient she would miss swimming.

Well, she missed swimming.

She completely lost her cool over fetching the trash can. The girls took James to the pool. I held Missy on my lap then had her take a little nap on the couch beside me. After her display of fireworks and anger she turned into a different kid. The rest of the day was wonderful. This morning she had to be reminded a few times that crabbing and yelling was not a respectable form of communication and the jury is out on whether she'll get to swim today or not. It will be a close call I think, but if she's at least trying I may reward that.


Jennifer P said...

Wowsa! A, you are doing the part God has asked of you magnificently! Will pray for you tomorrow. Hope you have input into the schedule.

Oldqueen44 said...

So glad the parents are doing well enough to get the kids back. They weren't out of the home for too long, that is good.
I bet it will be difficult for you to see the babies go though. Your house will feel empty for a while.

My daughter called me yesterday because she was going crazy packing for the 9 of them to go to camp as well. I got over there and said, YIKES... is it worth it?
She admitted that having a huge garage sale the same week you are supposed to be getting ready for camp is not the best of plans.
But they are on their way as of this morning so I guess they got it all together.

The attachment therapist tells us to hold the girls and keep them close when they are having the melt downs. She says it may look like rebellion and disrespect but really it is a cry for "KEEP ME SAFE" To a degree we agree, but there is also some flat out sin that needs to be delt with also.