Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sleep Study ASAP!

As if to put an exclamation point on the end of that sleep study referral 
we came home from Children's Hospital
to one lousy night with Missy.
Thankfully, I only felt the aftermath, as my sleep is already fitful at best right now.
She woke up a BEAR and Vanessa let us in on the details of her 
very disturbed night.
Apparently, there was little sleep to be had and Missy got up
worse off then when she went to bed.
The morning routine was hard, hard, hard.
She refused to cooperate.
Her chores were a total struggle.
She did not come to breakfast.
She was late for school.
The ride to school was a misery and I was starting to grump right along with her
when suddenly,
James started to sing.
"Into my heart, into my heart,
come into my heart, Lord Jesus."

Thank you Lord for the moments when a little child
shall lead them.
I joined his song service.

Missy's  face never changed.

As I was brushing out her hair into pony tails in the school parking lot... (imagine!)
Missy surreptitiously allowed the shoulder of her jacket to slip off to reveal
  she hadn't really dressed...

she had no shirt on.

It's totally like her to try and trick me into thinking she's done her chores properly
when in fact she hasn't...
even if she must take the risk of ending up at school half naked.

I ordered her back in the car.

 She laughed.

She climbed in the car and and her spirits did a complete 180
and she sang to her heart's content along with James.
I sang, too, if only to keep my heart from falling out,
and to appear as though I was fine with driving back and forth
to school all day for no reason.
But I was bruised by the trick.
Perhaps she had more faith in me than I merited -
perhaps she thought I would be more vigilant and notice much sooner...?
Could she really mean for this to happen?

As we pulled up to the house I asked her what she thought she should do now.
She said she needed to get her shirt.
I asked what was next and she said we would drive back to the school once again.
Inwardly I rolled my eyes and thought, 
"Not on your life kiddo! You can enjoy the bench this morning."
However, I couldn't quite justify my spirit of revenge
and I did buckle up both babies once again
and took her back to school.

The front office gal wrote a note as a way of explanation of the tardiness for her teacher;

"Back a second time today,
this time with clothes on."


momof4boys said...

Not funny for you! I can feel my own blood pressure rise if it had been Ian. Still, i got a good mornings chuckle out of the note to the teacher. Oh, the joys!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Oh my!

You are a better mommy than me . . . I don't think we would have made the drive back to school. "The Bench" would have probably been where my Little Miss would have spent her day.

Loved the note to the teacher. :)

Keep up the good work! You are One.Patient.Mama.


~marci~ said...

I recently had a sleep study~but didn't sleep long enough to capture much detail. Laid in that bed for 6 hours and slept only one. They even gave me a sleeping pill that just made my anxiety level deepen. I couldn't sleep in my usual position, and that was part of the reason.

~marci~ said...

Hope Missy's is more successful than that!!

Acceptance with Joy said...

Just had to say that Missy was wearing a kind of jumper... So not totally bare. But she knows that the outfit needed a shirt and she knew that she would not be allowed..

As for the kind words regarding patience...I wish that I could. Learn to be consistently so. Today the patience wore so thin we blew holes in it altogether.

Oldqueen44 said...

Wow... So difficult.
Only by the grace of God can you endure.
Only by the grace of God she will heal.

Sophie said...

Thank you to God for James on this morning. :)

God gave Missy to the right family for sure. You are golden.

abrianna said...

Sorry the morning was so hard.

The note to the teacher...priceless!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what she would have done if you made her go to school with her coat on. She wouldn't have gotten her way and she might have been very hot wearing a jacket all day long. But the natural consequence might have made her realize her little prank backfired. Kristy

Acceptance with Joy said...

Unfortunately I could not be sure she would keep it on. In fact, could pretty much guarantee. ...