Sunday, June 3, 2012

ALONE and Special ED

I'm alone in this house.

And it's even clean. Thanks to the girls and Steve.

Steve is now at work.

The babies are gone on an all day visit with their mama.

The girls have gone to provide music for a little Sunday church . . .

And they took the twins with them so that I could have some unheard of peace and quiet.

My mom and brother and his family are flying over the great blue ocean from Africa and we've got PLANS!! :-)

I saw a converted barn house yesterday. Well, I think they practically tore it down to the foundation before rebuilding it up with parts and wood from the old barn. OH my! I am smitten. I want to live in a barn!!! Such simplicity, such incredible genius.... but don't kid yourself; I think it cost them an arm and leg to create. It is absolutely amazing, however, as is the whole property... horse stables, fish pond, hay fields and incredible view, all tucked away behind a hill. A hill I have been driving by nearly every day and had no idea hid such a treasure. Well, I had heard, but until you see for yourself.... Peaceful... absolutely dreamy.

The little Duckie is fattening up. Nights are long but he's sweet.

The Buddy is sporting a screech that can make you nauseous. How in the world do I cure that? The worst is in the car. He has grown so much. He's a hunk. SOLID!

Both of the twins acted out of line at church yesterday in different ways. They are socially inappropriate and the worst of it is, they don't care. In fact, I think they might be doing on purpose. Missy was hard to manage. When it was children's story time they march up to get the baskets to collect the children's offering. Vanessa has been helping the Buddy participate, but Missy grabbed him by the hand and pulled him away from her so fast and down the isle and so crazy like that she was dragging him along on his knees by the time they got to the front of the church. I was on my feet and had her marched out the side door before she could even blink. That's how it was most of the day. One little thing after another. I'm feeling so wretchedly tired of the stupid charades.

We are having water fowl wars in our too small duck pond. Have to give away some young critters this week before things end in tragedy. We've got bloody fights happening.

Yesterday was my turn to be the guest hostess for church visitors. Between that and Friday night company I did a lot of food preparation. We probably won't eat for the rest of the week... well, nothing fancy anyway.

I have peppers to plant today.

The washing machine is not working right. With a family of 9 - that includes a newborn baby - we are in serious trouble.There's always something to try the patience.  :-)

Isabelle spent another  week in Children's Hospital and she came out in more pain than before. So far, no answers. Poor, poor Izzy.

We're loving the summer tanagers, the orioles and the gold finches nesting about our place.

James did not test well. He tested far poorer that I would have ever believed. He qualifies for special education and one-on-one help. I feel completely, and utterly inadequate to homeschool for the first time in my life. The basic, barebones, building blocks of kindergarten knowledge and learning that create the foundation is completely missing in both children. They don't learn like children should and usually do. They have missed out on the very basis of education for not having lived a normal toddler and preschool life. I'm in over my head.We are at a place were we will graciously accept the help offered. Both children are enrolled full time for next fall at the school. They even qualify for the special ed bus. The educator explained some of what the plan is. It's very simple in ways, and oh so basic and repetitive, but completely out of my league, because I don't fully grasp what the problem is, nor do I know anything about special education and serious learning difficulties.

They talked about holding Missy in the same room with the same teacher for another year, but have since decided to move her to the second grade class based on her size. I know. Seems crazy until you think it through. She is in pull-out sessions and one-on-one 90% of the day. It matters not where her "home" room is. The 1st grade homeroom teacher has been extra special and Missy loves her. Good reason to move her is so she doesn't build ties at school that interfere with her ties at home - really! They also want to keep her with the kids she is with now because for the most part they have accepted her. Even if they mostly don't interact with her. There are a few that  will help her and in turn she can "help" them sometimes and it has been happening...

I read about the trials other families go through with their schools and I have to be utterly grateful for THIS school. The people are amazing. They absolutely care. They listen to us and accommodate our wishes with understanding. And I found out that the reason they all seem to understand RAD -like behaviors is because the vice-principle's son is adopted and is in a live-in facility several states away getting help for his RAD. They understand that what they see at school is a facade and not the reality that we live at home. Very few people can say that about their schools. 


Sophie said...

So glad your school understands and your kids are going to get the help they need!!

Enjoy the peace and quiet. :)

Jennifer P said...

Thanks for the newsy post. Amazing what you can do in a quiet moment. Or two. I, too, have a dream to live in something re-purposed, a barn, church, train station....

It's a very good thing when you have school people willing to look at the big picture. Seems like God has gone before you there.

Vertical Mom said...

What a blessing that they know about RAD at your school! The kindergarten teacher at our kids' school just discovered after 6 years of frustration that her daughter has RAD. They misdiagnosed her as ASD. YEARS have been lost and mishandled because of the incorrect diagnosis. Thankfully they all know and understand. You're right, it is a rare gift to have a school on board with it.

GB's Mom said...

I am grateful school is going so well.