Friday, June 8, 2012

Forget Shopping!

I can't figure this out. I can't grocery shop with the two babies without nearly killing myself with exhaustion in the process. I suppose it didn't help that I got NO sleep last night, but Mister, maneuvering the isles with two is downright painful.

I could have had Christina's help, but then the twins would have had to come, too... That wouldn't have been a speck easier.

I was trying to remember how I did this with three kids eons ago and I decided I probably didn't. We had one car in those days. Grocery shopping was a family affair, and Steve was probably always with me.

Missy didn't go to school today. A friend, one of the teachers, called to tell me today was not about learning.... it was about root beer floats and movies. Thank you for the heads up on that. Missy can't have that much sugar, nor can she eat ice-cream with dairy in it, and she is MOST certainly better off without the movies. We don't have a TV here for a very good reason.

We're cancelling our Friday night Bible study and supper plans. My house is a wreck, Christina is leaving me to go camping with the Abundant Life church (in the pouring rain), Vanessa has piano juries later this afternoon, and Brianna is studying for her trigonometry finals. That leaves me with no extra hands to help with cooking and cleaning.

The little Duckling is really starting to get nice and round. He's much, much more alert, and he's wanting to eat ALL THE TIME! --Thus the lack of sleep. I was working really hard to hold him off till closer to the usual feeding time last night, but he was hungry, hungry, hungry.



Sophie said...

I had four children in five years and dragged them everywhere I went. Hubby worked retail and was never home. It was no big deal.

Fast forward to having 2 babies one year one day apart and I am stuck at home most of the time. It is getting easier now that they can both walk but it is still so difficult. I avoid that situation at all cost. My cupboards are often bare and we were out of milk for 2.5 days last week. My crew goes through 9 gallons of milk in about 5 days so to be out was quite traumatic for them LOL.

Took all 5 little ones to Sams today and it went okay but I was in and out in about 20 min. I didn't give anyone time to even think. We were almost running from thing to thing. haha

Hubby and I were talking the other day and decided that despite the crazy that Jackson, Delaney and RAD has brought to our family our biggest adjustment has actually probably been adding the two babies. I am cherishing every moment of them being little but it will be easier in a couple of years when they are a bit more independent.

Matt and Maria said...

It is really hard. When I had babies that needed to eat very frequently, I would fill the cart with non-perishables, leave it with customer service, go to the car to nurse or feed the baby, and then go back in for the veggies, dairy and frozen stuff. Then I nearly had enough time to unload and put away frozen and perishables before the next feeding. Whew! You are doing great, especially on no sleep!

2busyannie said...

Been reading your blog for a few months now and I truly enjoy it. You are an amazing photographer among many other things! OK, done gushing. We have 7 littles, ages 2-9, and shopping is a challenge, more so because usually the hubs is working. This is what I've tried--sometimes it works:

1. If you live near a Sam's use their click and pull system. Order on the website the night before and then all you have to do is go in to the store in the morning and go thru checkout. Much quicker.

2. If you live near 24 hour stores, go late at night. The lost sleep is worth the lack of frustration. It can be almost peaceful.

3. Pack a snack for the darlings and strap them into two separate carts. Get good at pulling one and pushing the other at the same time. Make out a menu plan for the week and organize your shopping list by store aisle. Keeping stuffing cookies into the little one until you're done!

4. Keep your sense of humor about the whole thing.

So, probably not all that helpful; you probably knew all this stuff already. But, thank you for writing this blog and letting me know that someone else out there is living a similar life. :)

Jennifer P said...

You don't. That's why you can't figure it out. I paid my oldest daughter to grocery shop for me when I had three babies. I couldn't do it safely.

Although, it wasn't too good when I realized when of my middle kids hadn't been to store in over a year.

Do what you can and the rest will follow.