Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Children's Hospital

It was an all day affair.... the once a year cranial facial team marathon.

Next step according to the orthodontist is to visit our local orthodontist and get a new set of X-rays to compare with the set made in November to determine when the bone graft needs to be scheduled..  Consider whether the upper jaw needs broadening first by getting molds made. Visit the local pediatric dentist and have that odd, extra tooth pulled in preparation for the BONE GRAFT surgery 6 weeks ahead. Is adding tooth brushing to school's IEP for next year as teeth in cleft area are hard to brush and dental health optimum of utmost importance.

Audiology. Hearing test shows conductive loss consistent with two years ago. Graph suggests she cannot make out what is being said in a classroom situation, church, Sabbath school, etc...  Hearing aids suggested. Ear doctor concerned about hole in left ear. Surgery scheduled.

Head of Cranial Facial team... the doc who has "known her all her life" - (actually, they all have, but he's taken a special interest in her and has made exceptional effort at relationship), is scheduling a sleep study ASAP!!!! Very seriously concerned with disrupted sleep patterns and loud snorting noises. Concerned that facial anomalies are interfering with proper breath when lying down.  Also interested in her behavior. Made some suggestions. Interested to see how the Psych evaluation turns out. Gave numbers for adoption health at University Hospital.  Addressed the encopresis ... outlined a plan. He said to push fluid intake.

The cranial facial social worker provided information regarding getting all these trips over the mountains to Children's Hospital paid for, because it is covered under the State Health plan kiddo is on. Interested in development and if school is providing adequate help and support.

 The photographer did his thing.

The surgeon talked more about bone graft and when.... Concerned about septal deviation in nose  possibly interfering with breath.

The speech pathologist noted improvement in vocabulary and speech, but also noted some concerns due to cleft palate.

I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed. Missy loved all the attention.

We ended the day at REI. Spent too much time there.


Sophie said...

Wow. I am overwhelmed just reading. So much going on with her. Wow.

GB's Mom said...

I can understand the overwhelmed feeling. Sometimes it is too much to process at once. {{{Hugs}}}

Vertical Mom said...

Okay, I'm no longer complaining about all the appointments I have to make for my Little Man now that he finally has insurance. Wow. Praying for you to navigate this with ease!

La Tea Dah said...

Bless Missy's little (and big) heart. She lives in an altered world. No wonder it is so tough for her to find her proper role sometimes. And bless your hearts too, mom and dad!

C Dawn's bucket said...

Sounds completely exhausting. I hope you get a bit of a rest today and that all the children cooperate.

Rhonda said...

Wow! You are a very special mommy to choose this path. Most mommies that deal with this type of thing because it came to them by no choice, but you're doing it by choice. It brings tears to my eyes almost every time I read your blog. I can already hear "Well done, thy good and faithful servant" being said. Praying for you!