Tuesday, June 19, 2012

But the One Little Duck with the Feather on His Back....

He led the others with a quack, quack, quack!
We have a few less quackers around here...
We found homes for the ten ducklings.
That is an amazing feat considering we didn't just find them homes,
we found perfect little duck heavens with large ponds and all that a duck could wish for.

And wouldn't you know it,
Nina and Clickety-Clack 
are at it again.
Another dozen ducklings will be showing up any day now.

When the ducklings were small
the gander became quite possessive of them... 
It appeared to us that he was just a willing babysitter, 
but it came to a point where parents had to abandon them.

Later the goslings hatched and the drake thought to take revenge...
It's a life and death matter out there on our three foot pond.

Anybody for a gosling, 
or three??

We're thinning out the flocks.

James' hens are transforming into beautiful birds...
He may have to share the wealth
when he starts selling eggs...
seems to me a lot of other people are "helping" with the chores lately.

Partly because he's still not too sure of the goose.

and partly because he hasn't learned to appreciate a job well done
quite yet.

We'll keep working on it
'cause that's the point of this whole effort.
The little bitty human baby we call the Duckling
will likely be going home to mommy
on Friday.
The hearing is tomorrow
and nearly everyone is in agreement with the move
except the CASA and so it is a contested hearing for whatever reason.
Mom has met ALL the conditions,
and has made an enormous change in her life.
I personally don't see how they could keep her baby from her,
especially since she is not alone,
but has a great support system in her residence prepared to handle this very situation.

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Oldqueen44 said...

From our experience people in authority like the CASA and the GAL make decisions without ever meeting the parents or even being in the home where the child lives. What gets put in the paper work that they go off of can have so many discrepancies and flat out mis-information. Has the CASA met the parents?