Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Word on The Triplets {Past Foster Kids}

I've been asked to do respite for the "Triplets" a few times and it's never actually worked out. I've always wondered what happened to them. They were more than I could handle at the time we had them. They were labeled Ferrel children by drivers and SW's because they hadn't learned much in the way of how to behave.

I don't know if you remember these kids we had last spring. There was Big D, Cookie (aka Tough Cookie) and Little D. They stayed with us three weeks and were returned home. Later I learned they were taken back into care, but at the time I had Buddy and Ducky again. I wrote about them here: http://pealsofprice.blogspot.com/2013/03/three-kids-with-black-eyes-and-bruises.html

Tonight I received a surprise phone call from the three kiddos  new foster/adopt mom. She has had them 7 weeks. She was trying to build a picture of their history. The kiddos were ecstatic to have a mom and dad at last, but are past the honeymoon stage already.These kids have gone through a lot. Cookie is throwing HUGE tantrums. I could relate to that poor mom in so many ways, but she's still in the honeymoon stage and the enormity of it all hasn't knocked any of the wind out of her sails, but she is did ask for discipline advice.

I am so thankful the kids have a good home. I will be praying that things get better and not harder.  There is also a new baby on the way and the family is prepared to take it, too. I feel sad for the bio mom. She isn't working her plan at all... and yet this foster family is trying very hard to build a good relationship with her and the relatives.

Some stories turn out the best with reunification and turned around lives with Plan A. 
Other stories carry on to plan B, C, D.....

What a world we live in!

We were asked to take a 13 year old today. Of course, I said no. I guess they were thinking my girls would be good role models? We have all we can handle and I am not prepared for that age at all.

The wild ride of foster-care continues....

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Dale VonBergen said...

Angie, your willingness to do the hard stuff will pay off for these little lives. When I was a teen, our family adopted Kent, my mom's second cousin, a fetal alcoholic syndrome kid about 6-months size at 2 years. Helping raise him was good for my twin, younger brother and me. Just before Nancy and I took off to teach in Alaska, Kent and I built him a boat. Good times.