Friday, January 10, 2014


Steve and I went skiing yesterday. Brianna, too. Then we stopped by the doctor's office on our way home  and Brianna has a double ear infection. We have never had so much sickness all at once before!

It's 7:15 and we're on our 5th tantrum of the morning. Little Oscar is so mixed up. He hates everything...  It's so pathetic when he's screaming and crying in rage over NOTHING and he won't let me touch him or pick him up. He hates it when I sit on the couch or rocker and hold him. I have started just holding anyway - it's as though it is a fight for his very life. He struggles to get away. I struggle to hold on. I think the fact that I was able to last longer than he did and he actually stopped screaming eventually once this morning is a good thing. NOT easy AT. ALL.

Buddy's mom says it is because of his mother's drug use. He is used to her walking and jiggling and bouncing and when a person is using, they don't ever sit down and rest.... they go, go, go.

There's a real willfulness about this child. IT is HIS WAY or tantrum. Period. I'm used to that. That's not new around here, obviously, but he's only 15 months old!!! He has a sad future  ahead if we don't get a handle on this. I had no idea a 15 month old could be so set and determined and could not be swayed, encouraged, or distracted from his WAY. And of course, he is not rational, he's a baby.


Buddy's family's case was dismissed from CPS this week! They are a total success story. (Mom and the kids are. Can't say so much for dad....) It's such a blessing to be a part of that. I brought them a bouquet of fresh cut tulips to celebrate. The mom was scared at first... but when she realized she was NOT doing things right just to please CPS, but rather for herself and for her kids benefit, things came into perspective and fear was left behind.  We are so thankful to see them doing well. It's still hard. Mom is going to school, trying to keep her head above water financially, and mothering 4 kids on her own, and working to stay on track with her continued healing and progress. It's a journey in learning to trust God to care for her needs.

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Emily said...

Such good news about Buddy's family! What a privilege to get to part of it. I know your love and belief in her went a long way toward their success. Just makes me smile and smile!
I am praying fervently for Oscar and for you. It's scary to see such big emotion in one so young. I'm praying that the time he spends with your family will be instrumental in bringing healing and peace to Him, and that God will work a miracle in his little life. And praying for more endurance for you...I know you can always use more of that!