Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Little Misery

I think we are getting somewhere with Oscar. He wants me now and calls me Mommy - (even though I had endeavored to have him call me Auntie since he should be going home in a few short months.) He reaches for me to pick him up. He will allow me to hold him in the night when he's crying. I can usually bounce on the ball with him. He'll lay his head on my shoulder now...... MOSTLY.

BUT then there are times when all he does is scream and cry and say mommy over and over and there's nothing I can do to stop the crying. NOTHING.

The social worker came to drop off some things for me. He stood there in awe and shock over the misery of this child. He was like, "He's like this ALL the time??" I said no, not always, but.... And the show he was putting on was not unusual. The man left shaking his head.

He has his lighter moments. The first five minutes after I got him out of bed were pleasant this morning.

So, how do I help a kiddo like this? I've been trying to hold him a lot and love on him a lot.

We were suppose to get snow yesterday. Right! This is a long winter with NO snow.

Christina is SO sick, still. Missy finally got to go back to school today.

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Mandy said...

One thing I found with mt little ones was sucking is soothing. I know it sounds simple, but I had a therapist recommend suckers for Chi and it did work. The sweet flavors and sucking our soothing to little ones I gave them at the worst times of day, for him right after waking, and as I recall it did help. Hmm... maybe I need to buy some suckers again.