Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Organized #3 - The Mitten and Boot Overhaul

The reorganization and changing the way we do things in this house continues.

The mudroom got quite a bit of attention yesterday. I worked through all the boots, shoes, coats, mitts and hats and sorted, threw out and washed and took a load to the Goodwill. Of course, I came back from Goodwill with some stuff. I can't help it!!  But I am super pleased with the drawers I bought. It has 8 drawers so I labeled each with the name of the members of our family and now we each have our own drawer for gloves, mitts and hats.  I'm hoping that minimizes lost mates and kids taking and using other people's things.

The sickness won't leave. Missy was puking first thing this morning. Christina is steadily losing weight and unable to eat properly. James, too. Pieter has been sick with croup and ear infections. We are seeing another side of him. Couldn't actually call him our angel boy yesterday.... :-) He wasn't feeling good, but he really is beginning to feel at home and let it all hang out. That's okay actually. It's easier to work with a real child than a phony one.  I'm also trying to get him back potty trained.  Making him drink water so that I have reason to ask him to use the toilet every 30 minutes :-) It's good for his sickness, too.

Oscar. wow. that child. He gets really angry. He really, really likes me though... and smiles beautifully when he wants me to pick him up. BUT if I don't pick him up right away he will shriek and spit on me. Lovely.We are starting to see a cuter side of him sometimes and he's growing on us.

I've had an interesting string of updates on past foster and respite children. The infant twins that were so sick when we had them are adopted.  A mellow little 2 year old's mom works in a store I frequent. She and I had a nice little visit. She has been doing so well and is providing a good home for her kids. The three girls I have been doing respite for.... their story is sad and complicated. Love those kids. I just pray the right family gets to adopt them. Their mom signed off all rights furthering their assumption that they are not wanted. They are beautiful, sweet girls and I would love to see real joy in their faces. I mentioned the triplets are being adopted in the last post. Our very first foster child was adopted with his sister. 

The internet in Africa is being a trial. I am not hearing directly from Brianna at this point. I hope she can get this figured out soon. I'm getting another suitcase ready to send with Pastor Canfield. Mostly violins. I guess she has 7 students so far. He leaves the 11th of Feb...

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