Sunday, January 5, 2014

Adventures in Parenting

I've named the little One Oscar - as in Oscar the Grouch.  The name absolutely fits this kid and it's kind of cute on him, so, from now on, he will be known as Oscar on here. His brother was harder to name. He's a good boy: Quiet and good. There's nothing that stands out about him either because he's shy and content. He's blond and blue eyed with transparent skin, so with a brother named Oscar I decided to go with Pieter. You could picture him on a Swiss Alp herding goats with golden curls flying in the breezes. (Pieter would technically be a Dutch name, but I'm taking liberties to make this up as I go).

We've had multiple trips to the crib for time-out this morning. Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums. Oscar has them for reason or no reason. Each time he has another I pick him up and put him in time out. He has words. He will learn to use them instead of throwing himself on the floor and flinging the nearest thing as hard as he can. He threw a bowl of beans this morning. He nearly threw my laptop. Whatever his hand can reach  he chucks it as hard as he can. He woke up cheery, but his way of asking for the first thing was to throw himself on the floor and cry.

The bouncy ball is a great place for bonding time. It's calming. It's exercise for me and Oscar likes it. It's the only way he will cuddle up to me.

I got over the flu and I just have a chest thing now. Christina has the flu. James came down with it last night. Missy tried very, very hard to have a fever last night. She's hilarious. Sort of. Whatever it takes to be the center of attention. She has decided to make food a big issue again. She doesn't want boundaries regarding food and she's having fits about how much we serve her and pushing for more, more, more. She's going behind our backs to get more, too. I put my foot down. ONE plate of food. Don't expect another morsel. Period. I serve her the same size plate as I serve my husband. There's no lack in the amount, it's totally a control issue.

Church is becoming difficult. We have around 8 young kids in our pew and we're having a hard time... I end up in the mother's room with little ones. Steve with Buddy. That leaves Christina and Vanessa with the twins who are NOT behaving in church, plus Buddy's siblings. The girls are very frustrated with the twins. Vanessa's words: They have been going to church 4 years and though they know how to behave in church they WON'T! Christina's words: It would help if their parents would sit with them!!

What to do, what to do!

Steve's idea is to pull the side door open a little and put our family on the other side so that we can see in, but the congregation can't see us. My idea is to give some of our kids away....  ( I guess that's  not going to fly as some of them aren't actually ours to begin with.)  We love taking them to church. They need it.  But we are having to rethink our strategies... I'm making it a matter of prayer. In the mean time I pulled dessert on the twins yesterday. I told them they would be losing their Sabbath treat every week if they choose to try and get away with playing and causing a ruckus in church. James took it calmly. Missy had a great big pity party.

Brianna is having the time of her life at GYC. She ran the 5K this morning. She's meeting up with friends from all over and her cousin Rainbow. She worked registration and sang in the choir. Last night she texted me very excited ~ She had been asked to be a writer for GYC.  Someone has been reading her blog, I think. Next year GYC is in Arizona which is quite a bit closer and the dates work better for our other girls and their college expectations.

The weather is great. Too good for January. We have sunshine and 45 degrees ...

TOMORROW School resumes!! YAY!!!  Actually, it has gone well, but Missy is on the verge of going nuts on me. She needs the structure that school provides. I feel myself putting up walls around me as being with her for very long is just plain intense and I get too tired of it too quick. When she senses that I've pulled into my hole she pours on all the attention getting schemes which furthers my desire to crawl in deeper. Kind of a NO~WIN situation to say the least.

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