Monday, January 27, 2014

Keeping Our Ducks in a Row

I took a sanity break today.  Actually, I am taking a LOT of these sanity breaks. I'm taking them freely because I think I might lose my soundness of mind otherwise. Maybe.  :-)

I timed everything just right. I put the little guys to nap, and Missy's caregiver arrived and James had homework, so even though Vanessa had a lot of homework and no time for distractions, I went skiing for an hour when I went to Pick up Christina and Grace. The sun is shining up there. Our valley is under a gray blanket of cloud that has kept us in the fog for a couple of weeks. It shows no sign of lifting any time soon either, but the sun shines on atop the ski slopes. I didn't know I was so sore from skiing on Friday with Steve until I got on the slopes again today. BURN!

Potty training is not going well with Pieter. He is supposedly already trained - apparently both day and night. He seems to be interested in showing us the opposite is true. I've decided not to push it. He is capable and knows what to do. He is choosing not to. Emotionally he is a mess right now. That's as much as he can handle. I think.

Missy had a three hour meltdown today. I had a hard time afterwards getting over her screaming that she hated me and all the disrespect ~ even as she gave me a picture she had colored as a peace offering.   I told her I loved her and I thanked her for the picture, but I told her it was going to take a LOT more than that to restore in our relationship what had been destroyed by her angry outburst over being asked to help with breakfast dishes. For whatever reason she did the evening dishes ALL herself and wiped down the counters. She also carefully folded her clothes as she put them in the dresser I cleared out for her to use today. She missed the bus today. I knew it was going to happen. I could hear her playing downstairs and I chose to ignore it. Sometimes it is better to not invite wrath but allow life to happen. She's a conflicted little child.

I'm working hard with Oscar. We are making headway. He is allowing me to sit sometimes and he is climbing on and off my lap. He is sweet one moment and filled with rage the next... but I am seeing a lot more happy moments. He is learning to play little games with me. He repeats animal sounds with me now and plays peek-a-boo and chase. He likes the kitten and has identified the stuffed kitty as something that is suppose to meow, also. He definitely sees me as mom. He saves all his sweetest smiles for me. He wants me and me alone. He is so strong willed and if you even dare come close to crossing his will he flips over to his angry side. Its so, so sad to see such a little one so angry. He will NOT accept being fed from a spoon. He screams through every diaper change. He throws EVERYTHING across the room at the slightest notion. He throws himself on the floor and bangs his head, too. He fights the car seat when I try to put him in. But he will sing in the car seat sometimes. Other times he'll ask for something and if the answer is no then he just screams for the rest of the ride. I did not last in church. He was impossible and I came home and put him to bed. He likes his bed. He can sleep for hours which is a real bonus.

I gave all the boys haircuts today. Pieter's hair was down past his shoulders at the back and literally down do his chin at the sides. Since it was so long I figured this was something his mother wanted, but when I asked if I could get permission to cut the boys hair I was given free range with no perimeters.  I gave them SHORT boy hair cuts. And they are CUTE! They both have curls.

James is hating homework. Just when I think I could actually homeschool him he shows me that I would have a lot of problems with my lack of patience. It's easier to be patient when I can tell myself that his teacher at school must have a trick or two that will save the day.

Vanessa is working so very, very hard. She was discouraged even before she took her test this morning, the teachers had warned that a LOT of people fail this test,  but afterwards she knew God was with her and helping her all the way. We don't know the score on that test yet.  She loves clinicals. Attended her first baby delivery in the hospital. It was one of those heart -stopping dramatic births that has everybody crying when the babe finally breathes. She gave the little one his first bath and she enjoyed caring for him.

Christina is spending a lot of time studying, too. I encouraged her to take Grace skiing Sunday.... but then she was sick after. So, I don't know. Steve and Vanessa have a head cold now, too.

Been chatting with Brianna on WhatsApp here and there. She posted on her blog and nearly has another post ready and has sent me some pictures to add. She's been challenged there in Africa, but she LOVES a challenge.

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Mama in Uganda said...

We have a child who loves to give peace offerings--I no longer accept them :( I'd rather she bring me a stinky diaper!