Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Capturing the Team Work via an Iphone

Smoothing out the tomato patch

James weed-whacking the long grass on the banks

Missy picking up trash from the burn pile that didn't burn (strips of metal, cans, and nails)

Stretching out the water lines
taking a break!

lining up the rows
and this is a sneak peek at a couple of maps for tomorrow's  project.... stay tuned. :-)


child of The King said...

Is this the patch where you spread all those apples parts. And did birds and critters come and eat some before they totally disintegrated.

acceptance with joy said...

The apples were spread on a different patch. The birds and deer and chickens browsed on the apples some, but we had put it a foot thick or more so it did not matter. By spring it had composted down to about a quarter of an inch and we had little apple tree seedlings everywhere. After it was tilled in you couldn't tell.

Anonymous said...

THe garden with a view! But John Chapman, AKA Johnny Appleseed, didn't plant frontier orchards a foot thick, did he?