Monday, May 5, 2014

Bits of the Day

Today is the FTDM on the little boys. Wondering if today is our last day with them. It sounds horrible, but the issues are monstrous and so wearing us out that we have kept telling each other, "We can do ONE more day! We can do anything for ONE more day!"

Yesterday was actually fairly easy, though. Steve took the twins and Pieter to the church work bee. I kept the little guy. In the afternoon the kids had naps (except James, of course) and then James played with the baby very nicely for a couple hours so the girls could study and I could work in the greenhouse and his brother slept. It was kind of fun to watch James come up with some creative ideas to keep the babe happy. He's come a long ways. Missy had stomach issues and stayed on the couch most of the time.

Missy has been sick and we haven't been able to figure it out. We thought she was moody. Then we noticed that the last few days she has been disconnected and blank. Even when other kids were around she was BLAH. I was watching her closely, because she had had a major tantrum on Friday and was thrashing around on her bed trying to kick me when she suddenly reared up and hit her head  really really hard on the top bunk. It was enough to make me sick to my stomach. It didn't end her tantrum so I figured she was fine, but I knew there was a possibility of a concussion. It came clear that she had a stomach bug, though, and I have it today, so that kind of ends my worry.  But she really doesn't have any weight to lose and she hasn't had an appetite for more than a week. She was slower than a snail getting moving today,  so I told her that I would assume she was still sick and keep her home if she couldn't get her jobs done in 15 minutes.  She spent the first 5 minutes doing NOTHING and then rushed around like a maniac screeching and hollering for the last 10 and made it out the door. Whew. that kid!

I'm holding myself aloof from the drama of Buddy's family. It's not easy, but I can't go there. I'm holding my boundaries tight. I'm convinced our only hope for those kids is in what God can do and I'm praying for a miracle of grace. She is clean at the moment.

I signed up the girls and I for the women's retreat day next weekend. Looking forward to it so much!!

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Anonymous said...

James weedwhacked like a trouper Sunday; he looked so proud. Missy helped me load brush into the trailer, acted less shy and more sunny as time went by, but didn't act like she felt good. Can't really imagine what you've gone through, but it's great you and the girls are going to the retreat. Hope July is all that it can be for you, too. You've earned it! We're praying for you all!