Thursday, May 8, 2014


We're playing detective.

Missy hasn't been eating her lunches very consistently in the last two weeks. For a child who normally inhales any and all food we are finding this weird.

She's been acting sick, too, and lethargic.

I found evidence of a cafeteria food purchase in her folder today. . . but when I called the school to ask about it it seems that some of it has been paid up and all that is owing is a $1.25. I knew about the dollar already. But I have found a bill for as much as $3.25 from three days ago, so we are not talking mega purchases or anything..... :-)  BUT it's still too weird.

I'm thinking the chocolate milk and the hamburger she admitted to buying might have contributed to her tummy issues. She is a vegetarian... or shall I say, WAS!!! And she can't drink dairy.

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