Thursday, May 15, 2014

She's HOME!

Our family is back together. So thankful.


Anonymous said...

So glad! I'll allow Janet and Bri at least five minutes jetlag catchup time before I ask either or both if they'd like to take Sabbath School time this week. How long will Janet be around? Long enough to sail, canoe and kayak with you and us? If you'd like to just have family time with the canoe and kayak, come get it (I don't make it easy, do I?) I checked out 25-mile Camp on Lk Chelan and Confluence State Park today and I have the missing gooseneck for the Hobiecat. I hear Bri will have the sermon next month so maybe she'd prefer to wait (not me!) See you in church unless you're all at Valleyview with Reflections. Again, a loud and large Yahoo!

acceptance with joy said...

Actually, my mom and Bri split in DC. Mom is in CO. And yes, choir singing at Abundant Life this Sabbath. So good to have Bri home! She's excited to see everybody. She's anxious to share her pictures and videos, too, so come on over. :-)