Sunday, December 15, 2013


We've settled on a blog name for the new addition. She enthusiastically greets other children with a "hi, Niñas!" To her, James is Niño and Missy is Niña, so Steve hit on the idea of calling her Niña here. It even starts with an "n" like wanted so it's perfect. She is very verbal but we have to remind her we don't speak Spanish!! 

Brother! she's taken to calling me Grandma, much to my family's great amusement! I tell her I'm auntie and she says, "okay, auntie"but she turns around and calls me grandma anyway. I figure she'll be calling me mom like the rest of them by the end of the week. A gal can hope.

By 4 this afternoon she had been awake a total of 2 hours since ten pm last night. Being taken into care is trauma. There's no way around it. It doesn't matter if they've come from a bad place or not, being separated from your mama in a dramatic scene at the age of 2 is trauma. Anyway, I was getting very worried about the time she decided to come to life!  She's great in the car... Well, so far all she's done is sleep.

We are in the big City. Vanessa had a big test today. She passed! Across the street from the testing center was a skating rink. So we went skating while we waited. Then we went out to celebrate Vanessa's accomplishment at the vegan Thai place. We filled up our time with shopping and sight seeing. Alyssa and Savannah are now at the airport and we are headed home.

Alyssa and Savannah are amazing girls. We enjoyed them very much. They are very helpful, funny, and interested in everything. They made an elaborate humorous video together while they were here... Hilarious ~ mostly because of the great lengths they went to create it. Savannah was one step ahead of all of us in anticipating Niña's needs ~Yes, even before us who are old hats at this foster business. 

It's 53 degrees here at 8:30 at night. Man, I am not sure I want to head back to our side of the mountains! 

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