Friday, December 20, 2013

Hurry Scurry.... It's almost Christmas!

There's a table under there somewhere....
If you could see the rest I would have to tell you there's
a floor, too.... even kitchen counters!

Having a blast with the girls CRAFTING!

Tomorrow is the Christmas program at the church....
there'll be a flock of angels and I was short a few costumes so out came the sewing machine.
 This is the littlest angel's frock.

Crafting and sewing is not all we're doing.
Creativity abounds.

A dozen guesses for what is going on in that last iphone pic? 

Okay... let's start with the fact that THAT IS A COMPOST BIN! Eww!

OH! Did I tell you, Nina went home? Well, she did. 
Judge ordered reunification and it happened quick as a flash. 
She was thrilled!

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