Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting Organized for the New Year

 I'm a real pinterest fan.
It's not just about decorating and finding recipes.
Need help getting organized?
There are tons of ideas and photos to play with.
I have been spending all my spare time getting this family more 
Brianna leaves for Florida and the GYC today... then she'll be back for a week or so
and then she's off to Africa for 5 months,
THUS the clock idea. . .
And I think it's a great one since so much of our family lives over there anyway. 
Don't look at the times. I still need to buy batteries.
The other clock is labeled our town
and I figured if you don't already know which town that is you don't need to :-).

 we have refined and refined James and Missy's schedules and check off pages 
to the point I felt I could make them pretty permanent now.
It has the afternoon schedule on the back.
 It was out with the tree already. 
I love our stick tree... and because there are no needles dropping we usually hold onto it for awhile, but with new babies coming and all... it was time to put the harp in it's proper place.
BUT we couldn't part with the twiggy stars Brianna made for it, yet, 
so we hung them all over the wall.
 If I told you we have well over a hundred geranium plants in various stages of developement
in the house
it just might give you a glimpse into how this strange mind of mine works.
They will be for sale in the spring. :-)
That is the plan for Christina's plane ticket to YFJ this year.
In the mean time, I am making the most of their blooms.
The twins have been great.
It's hard to believe they can be this easy going after the way things were in November.
They can be little stinkers, but as long as we are able to work with them
and redirect them

I received a fitbit flex for Christmas.
So having fun with that.
Trying to make 15000 steps my daily goal.
I found out what a crazy sleeper I am.... 
It's nuts to see that I'm so restless and awake so much 
on a graph!

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Kelly said...

Love the organization and the stars!!! Great idea with the clocks.