Tuesday, December 31, 2013

FTDM - fostercare

Nothing like sitting in a meeting concerning two little people's welfare and being constantly referred to as "THE STRANGER" the young parents desperately want their children to avoid living with. Yes, being placed in fostercare is traumatic, Yes, it's unfortunate that the relatives have decided not to take care of the children anymore, but  parents, just think, who brought them into this unlovely situation to begin with? It's tough to go to those meetings. I am not particularly articulate on the fly - never mind in such a stressful environment. I tried to assure them we would love their children and work with them towards reunification.

Drugs and alcohol is at fault here. Interesting family dynamics. Some relatives showed up at the meeting. Great grandparents, aunts.... Great grandpa is a big mouth with lots of threats. There is much anger against the first set of foster parents which is a lovely way to get started.


The twins were invited to play at Peyton and Gracie's house. Such excitement. Invitations don't come often....  Unfortunately Missy was having a hard time being a part of the family yesterday. She wasn't listening, she was arguing, and manipulating.  I kept trying to salvage the situation but just as we were leaving the lid blew off Mount St. Helens.  That's not much of an exaggeration, either. Vanessa and I were done in by the end of it. I ended up taking her coat and boots back in the house and buckling her in the car without them. I had no choice but to go to the mtg and I had no one to leave her with. Taking her boots and coat would discourage her from doing something stupid like jumping out of the car. Vanessa and I took turns sitting with her. James played in the snow with Peyton and Grace on runner sleds for several hours. They live about two miles from us and we haven't a flake of snow at all, but around the corner in the canyon they do.


Brianna is in Florida with friends. Some people are just lucky.  :-)

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Kelly said...

You amaze me. Get ready for a LONG stay with the little boys. Drugs = little chance of reunification from my experience. I hate to sound negative or hopeless but drugs have such a strong hold. Prayers to the bios and your family. This one sounds like a doosy.

Wish I was in FL. :)