Saturday, December 14, 2013

An Unexpected Twist

You won't believe it.

I almost didn't.

I got an email about doing respite for the three little girls we've had several times now. It's just for 24 hours and it's because the foster mom has to work, but during the holidays there's no daycare available. We'll get them for a day in the week after Christmas.  I thought, well, you know, I told them I wasn't doing this anymore, but we sure like those kiddos and we can do 24 hours! I mean, why not?


In the evening I got an urgent call from DSHS that they had just picked up a 2 yr old girl and they hadn't been able to connect with relatives yet... Friday evening and no homes available. The caller was not the usual lady who knows me and knows our situation AND I misunderstood her.

I thought she was asking for help for the weekend so that on Monday they could get her placed. A lot, a LOT of families have quit foster care in our town. They are very short on homes. I hate hearing stories of social workers and kids having to hang out in a hotel room for the weekend because there's no beds available.... so, I said yes.

When the usual gal brought her out to me, she said she was so surprised that I said yes, and then she handed me the paperwork for a PLACEMENT!~

Oh! ! ? !  So maybe we were suppose to do this? Steve and I believe God had a hand in orchestrating the unusual way things came about. Maybe we are not suppose to close our home.  I think we'll ride it out and see where things are going to go.

Anyway, she is really sweet, cute and chatty. She mixes her English and Spanish 50/50. She is super friendly, but so far she doesn't like Steve. She has the same name as my girls' close singing friend, N. We'll come up with an blog name for her.

Getting her to sleep last night was a challenge. She wanted her mommy. Poor little dear. I think she's been well loved. Still waiting on a police report and the investigation. The issues may not have been about her at all, but other crazy choices.

A heartbreaking legacy left in the wake of broken lives. Lord, please use us to bring His comfort and love into her little heart.

PS. James has made a complete turn around. He's back to his old self. He also got sick.  Missy is mellower. We have 8 kids-young people in the house...  Good thing we didn't sell the van. Right?!

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Mandy said...

How does that go? We make our plans and God just laughs!