Monday, August 19, 2013

Sent the Kids Packing....

So, these parents went off honey-mooning for their anniversary. 
What did they do with the kids? 
They sent them off to the mountains backpacking.....

Like, actually BACKPACKING!

It was quite a hike....
but they are good hikers!
They also have huge appetites...
But then again,
they were burning it off hiking
in the meadows....

and in the high country.

They traversed some rough passes...
 and even went sledding on a plastic bag.

Brianna is my hero.
She carried their tent and their food and took really good care of them.
Christina had every intention of taking charge of one twin
and Bri would have the other,
but she was SICK in bed at home.
Brianna didn't so much as flinch when Missy threw a tantrum 
(because Bri had packed something of hers in James' backpack).
She simply put her in time out and told her if she wanted to have a problem
she was quite welcome to.
It didn't last long.
When James didn't feel like being helpful -
(and goodness, the girl was working her tail off, cooking and filtering water and doing everything needed,)
she just required him to help and held him to it until he did.
She's learned well.

Mostly,the kids were good. Thankfully!

Vanessa showed up the next day with extra supplies... clean clothes and more food.
Her good friend, Natalie, accompanied her. Took them 7 hours to find them...  They had LOTs of good girl talk time, obviously.
It is so beautiful up there!
It was a church backpacking trip.
(Not our church, but our pastor's other church).
Two nights under the stars.
Can you find the big dipper?
James had a bit of a time adjusting to carry a backpack on the way in,
and people who don't know, or completely understand
thought he was really having a hard time.
Brianna knew it wasn't quite like that...
so on the way out, she pulled him ahead of the group and they flew along the trail
"air texting" messages back and forth to each other.
(Yes, he has a budding interesting in spelling.....and he does quite well.)
He never even noticed that he was wearing a pack!
Missy was good with a 20lb pack. Everybody else was carrying one and she was part of the crowd.


Araya Frohne said...

Whoohoo! Good job Brianna! Looks like fun! Incidentally, my brother was up backpacking with a church this weekend, too. Different church, though, I think. :)

Anonymous said...

Sigh.... it looks like heaven! Awesome pictures and a wonderful break for everyone! I am sure Stina-Bee appreciated the peace and quiet to recover! :) I think Bri will do well with our kids in the primary school - there might be occasion for a cool head and a firm purpose. :) Antionette

Oldqueen44 said...

So blessed to have amazing older girls.

Kathy C. said...

Beautiful scenery