Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day

I had a nice chat with James' new teacher. She sounds encouraging and full of faith in her plans for the year. James was so excited to go to school yesterday and he came home excited about it, but thoroughly exhausted. From what the girls tell me, he cried at the drop of a hat over everything and nothing when he got home. He was just bone tired.

Missy was not happy about missing first day, but she likes going to Children's. We had appointments at both centers in two different towns. Her hearing has improved just ever so slightly and her hearing aid still fits well. She has a NEW style of mask and harness for her C-Pap. She earned a gift from the sleep center for being faithful to use the machine every night. She has been having half an hour of air leaks a night... which I thought was no big deal since she wears it for 8 hours. I was wrong. The new mask should solve that issue. She had blood drawn to check her CO2 levels which are WAY too high at night. They want to see what they are in the day. If the blood shows levels that are off then we might be moving to a bi-pap machine.

The gift she chose was a WOODEN set of cupcakes. Somehow that strikes me funny. If you bake her favorite food it would be cupcakes. She must have icing. Anyway, this set has wooden candles, plastic icing and markers for decorating them. She played with them in the car until it was too dark to see. She rarely plays like this. In fact, I filled out the questionnaire for her teacher on what she is like and while I could think of several things to write down that she is good at, swimming, and violin, helping, etc...I couldn't think of a single thing that really truly interests her. I finally wrote, "Interested in what is not her own business". But I thought, surely I can come up with something.... so I asked Christina what she thought Missy's interests were. She looked at me blank... finally she said slowly, "Stuff that is other people's business and not her own". Yi-yi.... well, there you have it. Something to work on for sure, but I guess I don't really know where to begin, except she now has this set of wooden cupcakes that thrills her to no end....

Today was Missy's first day of third grade. She was thrilled to go. I expect a VERY tired girl home at 3 o'clock. A nap might be in order.

We spent a lot of time at the VIOLIN shop while we were out and about the big city. One can learn a lot there and if you had a lot of money you could really buy yourself a good violin. :-/

There's a new baby giraffe at the zoo! TOO cute.

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Emily said...

Sorry, I'm totally cracking up. There's one little Meghan in my house who is SO like that! Always up in everyone's business. She does have other interests...mainly girly stuff and make believe. But her primary interest is everyone else's business.