Friday, August 9, 2013

Claiming the Promise ~ A Prayer Adventure

 Prayer is indeed a 
of the spirit as it is lifted up to God. 
This action is comparable to that of a ship going against the stream.

~ Martin Luther~


You will never aspire to Pray
until you urge and force yourselves.

~John Calvin~

You may have noticed I am writing less. Summer is crazy enough, but I am also spending a lot more time praying and claiming promises over my children. I always pray for them, of course, but I am learning what prevailing prayer means, and what it means to carry a burden of prayer all day. I am taking a fair amount of time seeking out the promises and claiming them over this burden.

My prayer for James is very, very specific, but far reaching. I am praying that God would give him an Understanding Heart and a greater Capacity to Learn and Improve his Mind. I believe that with this blessing many of his other needs, spiritual, material and physical, would come into place.

I found a verse that I shared with James as we prayed together alone last evening. It's a prayer within Psalm 119 and it's short. "Teach me good judgement and knowledge" but I love this other version:

"Increase my knowledge and give me good sense"! vs 66

We read together the story of King Solomon in the Bible. He had just been crowned King and the Lord came to him in a dream and asked him what he wanted most. Solomon said, "I am but a little child: I don't know how to go out or come in! Give me an understanding heart . . . . "  And the Bible records that it PLEASED THE LORD! He responded by saying, "You've got it! I have given you a wise and understanding heart and because you have asked for this good thing I am giving you many other blessings along with this one."

Psalms and Proverbs are full of verses encouraging us to ask for wisdom, understanding, and knowledge so we know that it would please the Lord for us to ask for these things for James, though I was sure to let him know that it's right in the Bible that he would never be as wise as King Solomon, but God has great things in store for him if we ask for them.

I believe I am seeing the beginning of an answer to our prayers happening before my eyes. He is, {drum roll please} of his own accord, as I write,  learning about verbs and nouns, and writing with neat handwriting in an exercise book as if is the most enjoyable activity in the world to be doing right now. Yesterday he completed another level in his reading therapy computer program. He is excited for summer school to begin again soon. I introduced the times tables to him last night and he's game... it seems using his summer math program he lost no ground at all this season. My prayer is more than just an understanding in the realm of school work, but an increase of intellect that would be restorative and God honoring allowing him to become what God intended. We have done nearly everything in our power to physically help this child overcome his deficits: diet, lifestyle, vitamins, herbs, therapies, stability, opportunities.... and most have done their part in helping him come to this point of growth and development. He has come a long way. I am asking God to do for him what I cannot do, what therapy and lifestyle has not done. I am asking for an outright miracle.

We've been told to ask. "If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5

For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then shall you call upon Me and you shall go and pray unto Me, and I will hearken unto you. Jeremiah 29:11, 12

His sudden blooming interest in academics and the time I am taking time with him to encourage him has engulf his twin in jealousy. . . It's complicated as she struggles to cooperate even as she asks me to spend time with her on various school work. She's trying, but it's so difficult. At times she handles it fine, and other times she totally succumbs to the temptation to turn things into a circus. I've made it clear I cannot engage when she starts that. I must walk away until she makes a choice to put forth the effort. Hard stuff. At this point I am asking the Lord what it is He would have me pray over her. I won't assume I know what is best for her.

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Sounds like time well spent. Waiting for direction on Missy is probably a good plan. His ways...