Monday, August 12, 2013

Not Possible

I was thinking my prayer for James was not so out of reach, that it was so possible with a boost from God. An answer to my prayer would be spectacular and amazing, but you know, He's God, and I believe in miracles!!

But then I have lived the last two days with this kid... I mean I've been living with him all along, but I see that God has been at work and has allowed me to be reminded and to see in the raw just how . impossible . a . prayer . I am praying!!  The kid is squirming big time... His passive aggressive nature is fighting hard to keep the status quo... So hard in fact that i'm not sure what happened to the passive part....

So this prayer I've been praying for James?  Not possible. 

Humanly speaking, NOT even Remotely Possible!!!! 

And so, I'll not quit pressing his case before heaven!! This may actually be a battle for his life.


Oldqueen44 said...

I am praying for him too.

Sean Nebblett said...

Oh, because impossible is the prelude to every miracle.

Praying from this corner too... :)

acceptance with joy said...

SO APPRECIATED!! I know there are more praying! Thank you.

Mama in Uganda said...

I will say out loud, while discipling our two toughies..."THIS IS IN FAITH!"