Thursday, August 29, 2013

All Is Pleasant!

I have to record this.

The twins came home from school HAPPY.

James told me all about his day.... He's getting better at expressing himself. If he is relaxed and there is no pressure he can actually convey some information.

Missy worked with her in-home care giver nicely.

Then we had a surprise birthday meal for Steve -ten days late....

The kiddos have been playing together making birthday cupcakes Happily.

I have been researching plane tickets to Africa....


Emily said...

The pleasant days are like sparkling jewels, aren't they? You just want to look at them, hold them, and enjoy every second. I'm so glad you got one! You were due.

Oldqueen44 said...

ditto what Emily said.

SDCleanHeart said...

I've been reading your posts for maybe a month now, with interest... I pray for you through the hard times.

Keep going. My own mother adopted several children and some were practically insane with fear and pain and panic and abandonment. She just kept moving on with the plan God gave her, and lives were restored. I know this will happen with your children, too. God bless you, especially through the hard times.

Susan Davis

acceptance with joy said...

Susan Davis,

{As in THE Susan Davis that wrote the little book we all love about Mary and her clean heart? Is that possible?}

Thank you for your prayers. What a blessing. Also appreciate the encouragement that it is possible for kids like this to heal.

We are feeling much encouraged as we've seen some new and interesting growth. I will expound as I work myself out of a declittering job I started.



acceptance with joy said...

And the pleasant has stretched out through most of the weekend... Yes a rate and precious jewel indeed!