Monday, August 26, 2013


We had a success yesterday....

Missy was given opportunity for a do-over and she took it. She did it well and had an awesome attitude. Mostly because she wanted something bad enough. The stakes were high enough in her estimation to make the effort. It was food. What can I say? I still take it as a sign that she can choose. It was not a bribe.

Today, it's not working out so well. Apparently there's no motivation to want to do right this morning. She's testing my resolve and would like to turn this into warfare. I'm standing back and allowing her to make her choice. I'm disengaged and smiling. She cannot govern my feelings unless I choose to let her and I'm choosing to feel free and unshackled to her whim. There's not a lot she can do about that.


Get used to my blurry iphone pictures. That's the way it's going to be for awhile. Brianna needs the camera more than I do. Anyway...

The young people from our church that went to YFJ had the service this past Sabbath. Jonah told the others he had enough to say to fill up the whole service and it was unsure if there would be time for the rest to have their say . . . Well, that is definitely a startling statement coming from him. He has a quiet personality inherited quite honestly. He is the last person to even agree to be up front in the past. . . . but that's before the Lord met him in a special way the past couple months. Christina had her little part first, then Dakota and Jonah tag-teamed spoke. Samuel lead out in prayer. We were so blessed! I am sure that everyone felt the stirring of the Holy Spirit in their own hearts as these young people shared their very own stories in what GOD had done personally for them in answering their prayers, in speaking to their hearts and drawing them close to Himself! They shared their renewed commitment to the Lord and His work. Jonah also shared why he chose to be re-baptized. You couldn't find a church more thankful for their young people.

Brianna has been working her tail off. That girl has been scheduled solid working for other people doing yard work, cleaning house and doing photography for families. She has a ton of tomatoes to sell, but she's been wearing herself thin working to pay her way to Africa. She even did the service at the Sunday church where they do music yesterday. No dull moments around here.

Missy, on account of her appointments at Children's Hospital, is going to miss the first day of school. 
What a great way to start 3rd grade!

Shiana is visiting us for a few days. Well, you would never know she's here. She's one quiet little mouse.
The girls have been making muffins and doing each other's hair fancy, etc...  so I hope she's enjoying her time.

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