Monday, April 29, 2013

Update on the Foster Children


BOTH boys slept ALL NIGHT!  Yay!!!  It was so out of the ordinary that I had to get up every once in awhile to make sure they were still alive. :-) I've been letting the Duckling cry it out.... but the proverbial "let 'em cry 3 nights and they'll sleep" has NEVER worked out quite like that for me. The more I tried to help him sleep the worse things got, so I've been letting him cry and the crying was getting shorter and shorter, but it's taken almost two weeks. His crying wakes the other child, of course, and then he's all disturbed. So happy to finally achieve an all night of sleep with this little guy.

We'll see what happens when the temperature dips a bit tonight and the roar of the orchard fans envelopes our house.

The Duckling  is getting to be easier as he gets older. This has been the neediest child I have ever, ever cared for. From the time he came home from the hospital he has been the neediest baby ever. The second time I got him back into care was frightening. This is this child's third time in my care and he will be 1 year old next week. Can ya blame the little chap for being so desperate to be held and loved? So much back and forth is devastating to a baby. He is at the stage where he screams and cries if anyone takes him from me.... only his mother is allowed to do that, but he will now go on his own and is very busy with his play for longer periods of time which is SO nice. He pulls himself up on everything and is close to walking. He claps his hands and "sings" and waves at everybody.

Buddy is a tad confused. My expectations are different than the expectations in his mother's home. She's a great parent, but I am not her. I have my way and she has hers. For example it's okay at his house to take whatever food he wants from the snack cupboard, or his mother's plate and I'm like "keep your little grubby hands OFF my food, thank you very much!!"  No two year old is going to help himself to anything in my kitchen. It will be served at set times. He wants to come and go from the table as he pleases and I'm all, "if you leave and you are DONE!" So, we have some clashing going on because he is throwing fits when he doesn't get his way. Then when he would be put in time out he would look for ways to be naughty. He'd throw stuff, break things, scream in a high pitch, dump water on the floor, slap his baby brother across the face, and he even sneaks to get what he wants already, etc... He's smart. It's been tough to get that under control. Part is his frustration at the upheaval in his life. He's two. He doesn't know when he'll see his dad... it could be days, it could be this afternoon. He doesn't know if he's suppose to get in my car, or mom's car and he gets quite upset when he can't figure it all out. His mother feels so horrible about everything that has happened that she tends to want to make it up to him and let him have what he wants, which makes things more difficult because now he thinks if he shows enough emotion he'll get catered to..... and it isn't happening here, folks. His speech is starting to be more clear which is very helpful in knowing what his frustration is.

The talk is that the social worker will not be recommending that the kiddos go home at the hearing on the Duckling's birthday. She's thinking another 30 days.  However, she is but one decision maker of several. I'm praying that if it's right they will go home sooner because it's so hard on them to be away from their mom. However, I don't want them to go home only to turn around and come back here because the parent is struggling again..... It's a hard call for the system to make. I pray the Lord guides them.

I still have a horrible, aggravated cough. All the pollen and dust doesn't help anything.

My tomato plants are beginning to sell. The funds help with Christina's tuition to Youth for Jesus in the summer. After hers is paid then it will go to Brianna's...

The family is hooked on the jar salads. Steve loves them. I just have to make sure I have all the ingredients Sunday to put them together. It's taking more time as I harvest, wash and clean more from the garden and buy less from the store. We have so many varieties of greens ready for the eating in the garden and greenhouse right now that I'm making green drinks and cooking greens at every meal.

Tried a new soup recipe that I found on Pinterest. It's YUMMY! If you are looking for something new go here: Sweet Potato Peanut Soup.


Mama Ds Dozen said...

LOVE the pics!

Yea for sleeping all night!

Thanks for reminding me about the salad jars. I must try that out for hubby's lunch.

Will definitely check out that soup recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Laurel :)

Emily said...

1. That soup makes me salivate!!! I am so buying the ingredients and cooking it tomorrow!!!
2. I am SO GLAD you are getting some sleep, and I hope the little guys find a rhythm and do this for you every night!
3. I'm trying a jar salad for Whitney (my celiac child) tomorrow. She's so excited to try it!
4. I love the photo of the boys in front of the forsythia. I hope their momma frames it!
5. Try the glitter bottle for your little guy. =)
6. I'm still praying for their mom. And I'm so glad that family has the blessing of you in their lives!