Friday, April 5, 2013

Dear Anonymous!

Dear Anonymous,

I love you!!

Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that here after my rants about anonymous comments on this blog..... but everything's changed. I have a whole new appreciation for you, Anonymous.

You have been very, very generous! The whole family will be  especially grateful to you when that new dishwasher arrives Tuesday.  Our crazy, mega family life will be made that much easier, so, THANK YOU! Thank you very much.

I'm listening to the grindings and growlings of that old, half dead machine as I type and look forward to the whisper of the new one. It certainly has it's work cut out for it.... full loads three times a day.  How did you know, anyway?

Thanks and thanks again.  God is so good.

Blessings to you,

Angela and the gang!

Christina took the college entrance exam. She did really well and scored really high in English and Reading. But she was horribly disappointed with her math score. She missed it by 2 points. She didn't know that she could schedule each test on a different day and by the time she got to math she was fatigued. All is not lost, however, she can take the math section again in August and I know she will pass it. Even if she didn't she will still be able to join Running Start and take math 97 instead of the college level algebra. Seeing she is in tenth grade this year, I don't see much to be sad about, though missing it by two points rather then by several hurts worse somehow.

I am recovering from the flu. Bad timing for sure. I insisted that the baby sleep in his own bed last night and he only woke three times, so thankful.


Jennifer P said...

Blog love coming right back at you here. I have recently acquired an Anonymous fan. Did you send her/him over? Just kidding. We have recently given up paper products and I totally feel your pain with the 3X/day grinding. Something new AND useful will be a pick me up at the perfect time. God is good and so is Anonymous!

Emily said...

Sweet blessings from the Lord! I love it!!! Feel better. I wish I could bring you a pot of soup.

Oldqueen44 said...

sweet... on both counts