Thursday, April 25, 2013

Night n' Day!

Woke up feeling like I had slept. Thanks for all the prayers! It was the first thing I thought of when I got out of bed, "boy, someone's been praying for me!" We only had to get up three times all night. It was awesome!! :-)

Christina and I managed to transplant 45 tomato plants and sell 50 others. That's 95 plants down... and I have orders for more. I plan on selling between 100 - 150 of them and the rest go in our field.  We put the cucumbers into the ground in the greenhouse and strung them up. They have half inch cucumbers on them already.  I was quite pleased with the amount of work accomplished and for once I come to the end of the day knowing we did something that will last for more than a day.... {you know, unlike dishes, cooking, diapering and the laundry around here.}

Steve had a pretty serious visit with the twins last night over recent behavior. It got thru to their thinking, {that or my new chart on the fridge}. This morning was so quiet!! Unbelievable. Well, until the bus arrived and Missy only had one shoe... :-)  Who knows where the other shoe is. Everyone wants to blame the 2 year old. We told her to catch the bus anyhow and that was so out of the ordinary she was frantic,  but later Vanessa brought to the school a different pair of shoes when we did a thorough search and came up with nothing.

Vanessa over-heard Missy talking with her homework helper:  Missy, "How am I doing?" (attitude wise)

Helper: "Great! So much better than yesterday. You are doing wonderfully!"

Missy: "Can you tell my mom when my mom asks how me doing?"

Just to be on the safe side she put herself to bed when the clock struck 8.

You just got to know she absolutely knows when she's stirring the pot for trouble!! Because she absolutely knows what to do when she's trying to please us.

James wanted to know, "So, was I good all day today?"

We had frozen strawberry bars to celebrate a good day.

Christina had her first day of volunteering at the Horse Therapy ranch. One little girl was blind, one little girl uses a walker, and it was unclear what the third little girl's special need was. Christina will work with these same three children each week. The horses are Norwegian Fjords - small, gentle, and beautiful.  Tomorrow James starts horseback riding therapy there. I wanted to give Missy one more week of healing before she starts. She's still on a soft diet and no biking, trampoline, swimming, etc...

*Christina also helped our church feed 160 (not sure actually) people at the community dinner this evening.

*Vanessa has a huge test tomorrow.

*Brianna has the flu now, but she still managed to help with the little kiddos.

*Today I found out that the babies will not probably go back to mom in May.... we're looking at June now. I'm okay with that, but I am disappointed for their mom... It's so hard.


Oldqueen44 said...

Amazing what a little extra sleep can do for the body and mind. Glad to hear things were better last night. Sorry for Mom. I hope she continues to work hard.

Emily said...

Those brilliant moments when you see them doing what they're supposed to be almost makes you crazy, doesn't it? You know they can, and it makes you want to plead with them to just make the right choices on the day when they're bent for destruction. Oh don't I understand!!! =)
I'm glad you got some sleep. I wish I could come get some tomato plants. We only have 3 this year because of our summer travels.

Emily said...

P.S. Tell Brianna that I'm praying for quick healing for her.

Mama Ds Dozen said...

Thanks for the little note today, which I will not post. :) I had not yet visited this little troll's blog, but was intending to look it up this afternoon. Thanks for the heads up.

Hugs to you, My Friend!

Laurel :)