Tuesday, April 9, 2013

She's Out of Surgery

Doing fine.

Steve's tired.

Me?  What can I say?!

Wandering the streets of the University District of Seattle gives me a more clear appreciation of home!!

O! Give me the country life,
the city's not for me
I would rather live
than languish in the city
give me pure, fresh air
wind in my hair
sun on my face
nature's pace..... GIVE ME the COUNTRY!!!!

Sunflowers all over the mountain,
lupine scattered about the pasture,
miles of cherry trees in full bloom,
moist pungent tomato plants in the greenhouse,
earth on my toes,
long grass to mow,

and a half dozen muddy little kids playing in the puddle . . .

BEAT the stink and the garbage and the drunken panhandlers on the filthy streets of the city!!

I'll be glad to go home!


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Right there with you; I am so not a city girl. :)

Prayed for Steve yesterday, as he drove back across the mountains.

So sorry about your pink eye, but hope you are getting some rest at the hospitality house. Maybe you can enjoy some shopping at University Village. I like some of those shops.

May your day be BLESSED!


Anonymous said...

Hoping for quick recovery for y'all! Antionette