Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Verdict

is in.

The little boys are staying with us for another 30 days. That is all I know.

We arrived home from the surgery safe and sound. Missy is doing well. VERY swollen. Looks like a chipmunk with her cheeks full! The little guys were so happy to have us home. The Duckling screeched and carried on for quite awhile, patting my back and giving me open mouthed slobber kisses. He waves with both hands and dances to music now. He crawls at top speed and pulls himself up to walk along the furniture. Buddy is needing a nap but I am determined to get into a better sleep pattern and he will have to stay up until bedtime.

And, oh my! Do we live in a beautiful place. You wouldn't believe it if I tried to tell you just how incredible the landscape is in bright green and a thousand million, trillion blossoms!

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