Monday, December 10, 2012

Home-Care Respite

Today is our second day.

Our schedule changed as I realized Friday would not be okay for us. The Sabbath comes in early during the winter months and we come together as a family as  the sun sets and the focus is very much family time and sunset worship, etc... I couldn't have respite here during the Sabbath hours.

I prayed for a homecare worker that would understand our peculiarity. I admit, we are a little different... no TV, movies, we avoid pop- culture, etc.... I needed someone who could appreciate our need for wholesomeness and purity and not have a problem with feeding the kids a vegetarian diet, etc...

I actually asked a friend if she would be interested in the job. I would have paid for her training, but when that didn't work out for her, I considered another gal from church. I didn't  feel the go-ahead from the Lord to ask, though.

Well, God brought us a young gal, a mom of a couple kids, who is a Seventh-Day Adventist.  I never met her before, and she didn't recognize me or the twins, but when the three girls walked in the door, she was like, "Oh! I know you."  I guess from their singing in various churches. Anyway, she's easy going and happy. She's had an instant repoire with the kids.

The other respite worker is Vanessa's age. She is quiet as a mouse and lets the other gal lead the way. She is James'  home-care worker and so it works out fine because he is less needy.

I write out a list... homework, reading, teeth brushing, whatever and they check off the list as they go. The rest of the time they get down on the floor and play with them. Lego have been the focus thus far. They built a police station yesterday. Today they built a hospital.

I'm totally relaxing into this.


Carrie said...

So glad you are getting some help!

Mitzy said...

This extra help sounds wonderful and flexible!