Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Shopping

We shopped till we dropped - and my mom managed to get past some jet lag and to bed at a similar hour to the rest of us.

The big purchases??!!

A washing machine and a dryer.

LARGE capacity. The washer is a 4.3 cu and the dryer is a 7 cu. I'm so excited. We have been limping along since spring when my side loader washing machine and dryer set died. We had an old used top loader set in the garage  to replace it with - which have been the MOST inefficient pieces of equipment EVER!! Can't wait to dump them in some landfill somewhere. :-) I'm sure the old washer was holding 12 pounds of water in each load after spinning.... (give or take a few)  and the dryer took two hours to dry a load. When there were 7 kids you can imagine how that went... even now that there are only 5 kids you can picture the overflowing baskets of dirty clothes.

They will be delivered today. Well, I hope, anyway. How they are going to make it up our snowy hill is yet to be determined.

The washer is a Maytag, but the salesman convinced me that the Speed Queen dryer would last me 20 years instead of ten for less $$. Which is funny, because our last washer and dryer lasted 10. It looks plain Jane compared to the fancy ones out there, but it's built to last. I'll let you know in 20 years if the promise held up.


bka said...

great, happy for you. where did you get them? anxious to see them.

Inga said...

I have an old, old maytag washer that was purchased in 1990. Still going strong!My basement flooded twice and the washer was in water, but once it dried out, still working fine! Maytag all the way!!