Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Funny Bone Quotes

This is one of Bri's photos from the wedding Sunday.
More coming.

My thoughts don't run too deep lately.
Really, there isn't time for thinking.

My three top quotes of the day:

is the sound you don't
make while eating soup.

If you know me,
you know this is MY kind of sign.

I bought it immediately. So glad it was half off.
I am the MOST sound sensitive person in the world
~ well, along with a couple of cousins and a few aunts and uncles.
A tyrannical hereditary trait handed down from my grandfather
that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

If it were up to us,
little kids whistling in the house would have been outlawed eons ago, too.


Who ate your bowl of SUNSHINE this morning, Thundercloud?

Ha! I never heard that one before.
I will refrain from pointing out who it applies to.

Some of you are good at guessing.


And now a quote from the artsy one in the family;

"I'm kind of a Chinese artist."

Me: And whatever does THAT mean?

"Well, when she spills her paint,
she takes her brush and makes a smile out of it."

Apparently when she took Chinese watercolor classes they taught that
a splotch of paint landing on your picture is not considered a mistake,
but an addition to be incorporated into the scene.

I'm thankful she feels so secure and confident in who God has made her.
She rarely worries about what she isn't.
She throws herself into everything wholeheartedly and nothing ruffles her
and I'm very proud of her for that!


Tomorrow our respite agency will be out to the house to get us started on the in-home care for the twins. They've upped James hours and adjusted hers so that they will both qualify for 27 hours a month. These hours are not concurrent, which is sort of weird. Fifty-four hours a month is A LOT when you think about people in your house. I'm still feeling like this is going to be a great invasion of our home. I like quiet. It isn't actually how I grew up, though, so I'm not quite sure why I am so apprehensive about it. When I was a kid our house was so full of people there were at least 20 people at the table - breakfast and dinner every day of the week. It seems like I might take up exercising again as a way to take advantage of the time.

Finals are approaching. The girls are bent to their studies.
We're ALL looking forward to the HOLIDAYS and a change of pace.

Missy has done fairly well the last two days. Last night a trial came up that set her off however, and I realized I had not given her chores to work off her attitude in quite a long while. I forgot how well it worked for her. We cleaned the bathroom spotless last night together.... like toothbrush and bleach to the tile grout, sort of clean. The place sparkles and she totally worked her misery off. I happily suggested that bathroom number two was needing just such a job as well, and she didn't take me up on it. Once today she started to open her mouth to squawk and I saw her close it resolutely. I complimented her up and down for her "nice save and awesome self control". She barely acknowledged my acclamation but I know she got the message.

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Mandy said...

I appreciate those workers who come to my home for the boys, but it is an invasion. I can't shake the feeling that I am being watched. Now as a foster parent my role is scrutinized and I understand it comes with the territory. Is it possible maybe you are feeling a bit of what I feel? When you have to react to your children's unhealthy behaviors its the hardest part. Its also hard watching others mismanage your children's behaviors. I feel like I know best how my children need me to respond, and I second guess myself when workers are in the home. I feel constrained to project perfect therapeutic parenting when there are "visitors".