Friday, December 14, 2012

Half Mast

A day like today reminds people just how precious their loved ones are.

As we feel the pain and sorrow of the loss of so much life it makes us wonder just how much more the heart of God can stand. This whole sin experiment on this earth is exposing itself for what it really is. The enemy of God is indeed our enemy whether we ally ourselves with him or not. All celestial beings observing the destruction and hate and sorrow happening here must be, by now, convinced that allegiance to our Creator and a steadfastness towards the law of LOVE is a much better way to live. Watching that .... that...., well, he can hardly be called a man ~ being so devoid of respect for life and bereft of sympathy and love till there was no reflection of his Maker left... but seeing that criminal mow down the lives of those little ones for what? hate? revenge? notoriety?  It must have made the angels wish they could hide their eyes. Even the loss of the soul of that reprobate caused our Lord pain. He would not force the guy to choose Him, though, and Satan continues to wreak havoc and kill through agents given over to him. He's reveling in the agony of the sleepless victims' families tonight. What a horrid thought. Regrettably, it's the truth.

Behold the Lamb of God ~ His heart ripped to shreds over humanity tonight.... and every night over humankind everywhere. One day soon He will say, "It is enough." It is time to collect the true and faithful and make an end of sin before there is nothing left. The law of hate has proved itself despicable. Sin and sinners will be no more. LOVE will reign supreme.

It can't be long and I can't wait. I've seen enough.

I stood by the front desk of our community school. Parents came and went. They couldn't wait for the school bus to drop their child off by their driveway. They had to connect with their offspring directly ~ to give them a hug and to say they loved them. The phone rang, more parents calling for reassurance. There was a strong realization that no school is immune. The principle sat in a chair designated for visitors talking to the kids waiting for mothers and fathers. He'd already dropped the flag to half mast.

It hadn't crossed my mind to check on my children, actually. I have placed them in the hands of God and I have peace in that arrangement. I was there for an IEP. As irrelevant as it seems at the moment, Missy has met all her previous educational goals listed on the IEP. She is making strides. She is learning. She's even holding her own in the 1st grade reading class with the other 6 kids. With that report I suggested we consider retaining her in 2nd grade next year to give her a second chance at being successful at her level without all the pull-outs that interrupt her day continually and make her feel like she's so different from the other children. I felt like my idea taken well... it's a matter of waiting to see how the rest of the year goes. They don't see the anxious, angry, stressed out child we are dealing with at school, thankfully, however they do realize she is somewhat overwhelmed with all that is expected of her.

Today we didn't see the anxious, angry, stressed out and tired child either. She was bright and interactive and genuinely cheery. How thankful Steve and I are. It surely makes us wonder though...


Emily said...

You spoke it so perfectly, the emotions and thoughts I couldn't put into words. Thanks, Angela.

Isabella and Dorinda said...

Angela, I read this to my husband and daughter (16). Praying for the families. God Bless. "Isabella"

Foster Care Q&A said...

This sounds EXACTLY like my second grader! Especially the part about the school not seeing the same stressed-out child we see at home. Glad yours is doing so well!