Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Late Night Call

My husband answered the call....

A baby 6 weeks old.


But until I have the assurance that I'm suppose to get involved in another family I need to keep my focus on the kids already under my roof and the two little munchkins that are still very much a part of our lives right now even though they are with their family. I'm still very involved in a supportive way and it takes time and effort. They are still as busy as ever and take an enormous amount of effort to  keep out of mischief and from hurting themselves and happy and fed. Buddy is such a little messer! And the Duck takes Herculean strength to carry around he's so fat and round.

Besides, I'm behind on my educational hours. Ack! I'm WAY behind.

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FosterCareQandA said...

I dread the day I have to say "no" to a call. Actually, we as a family had to do it once, but my husband got the call and knew we couldn't do it, so it feel on him to say no. I'm not sure if I'll be strong enough when the time eventually comes. I applaud you for knowing your limits.