Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break With the Younger Set

Christina's April Fools joke on her dad!

The girls making cookies with "no help".

The boys teaching the Duckie his memory verse.

It's Reboot day #10 for me. I cheated a bit today. What's a mom with too many kids to do? No time to make my juices . . .

My Garden "helper". Mr. Destructo.
This kiddo was very serious about helping me transplant tomatoes, and then we got in a water fight. I won. :-) He giggled hysterically..
James and his experiments.

He tuned the glasses to the piano (sort of) and played Jesus Loves Me on them.

It might be spring break.... but it's a great time to learn! There were potato peelings all over the kitchen.

There are two kids not shown in pics. The foster kids. Pieter and Oscar. 

Pieter was suspended from daycare for half a day and he may yet get kicked out for good. 
I actually think he's bored there. He gets in a lot of trouble here when he's bored. He really, really has a penchant for mischief, but he is also a foster child with foster child behaviors which is trying his caregiver's patience.
Oscar is still crabby. He loved going to the pool tonight, but he spit and screamed and yelled at everybody all the way there. He's more work than the other daycare kids combined, so he may get asked not to come back, too. See the thing is, foster kids don't pay as much as regular kids and they can be more work. If the daycare workers LOVE their job and the kids it's one thing, if they are just making a living, it's sure not worth the extra work.

Things are not going well in their case. My heart breaks for their situation. Their mommy seems unable... in bondage and unable to break free but maybe clueless. She doesn't seem to understand. I wish there was a way to help her.

Yes, we've had a lot of sad happenings. No, Buddy and Duckie are not living with us. (someone asked). BUT they are here a lot with their siblings. Mom is picking herself up.... and finding her way around the odds and college. THANKFUL!

We've had some outbursts and some struggles that made Steve really, really think that taking the twins to Michigan with me for a month in the summer was not going to go well. At first I was doggedly determined that it was going to work fine. But we've had some outbursts that put me in an impossible pickle in public recently and it is possible that the same thing could happen there, too - only there would be more at stake.  I prayed about it for days. Then finally I decided that I would not go if that was what God wanted. Within a half hour I was talking to my sister and she asked me if I would take her son for awhile to get him some vision therapy that is not available in her town... and the lightbulb went off. Tit for tat! We can do a trade. ( NOT exactly a fair trade, but I'll try to cover her expenses!) She agreed to come and watch the kids for me. Steve will be here nights and days off. Vanessa will be here evenings and weekends. We can keep our in-home care-giver for Missy, and schedule swimming and other activities to keep them busy. My sister will be able to can fruit for the winter (she lives in the Yukon) and also have a chance to go to Lightbearers' campmeeting...  She's happy and I'm free to go with the girls! I'll be taking my sister's oldest son with me.  :-) Just to think, the Lord probably had this all planned out  long ago. I just had to come to the point of letting go.

Well, my brother -in-law turned 50 today. He celebrated by puking every hour.
I take it growing old is painful..... (actually he has a stomach bug! poor guy. Way to enjoy a milestone).

We went swimming tonight. Going out anywhere with our crowd is a riot. Well....
with an introvert like me playing mom to that many it feels like a riot.
That's what counts.


Emily said...

What a blessing that you're going to get that trip to rest and recover! It's exactly what you need! Praise God for that.

Oldqueen44 said...

Good April fools joke.

So glad you get to go with the girls in peace.

Anonymous said...

I understand the public thing. I usually speak kindly but VERY LOUDLY in public to give people a play by play so they don't have to stare and get their no-special-needs parenting shorts in a bunch.
It's worked so far, but some public scenes are better AVOIDED by leaving htem home. It's so sad, really. But necessary at times. So enjoy your vacation!

Enjoli said...

Nice, Christina! ;)

:)De said...

If your near the capital of Michigan... let me know :)

acceptance with joy said...

It's within driving distance. I would love to visit with you, De. My email address is