Sunday, April 20, 2014


Has seemed to be key to a fairly reasonable week with the twins.

Exercise is an amazing mental health tool.

Yesterday Steve felt like they needed a day off and let them sleep in a bit.

It would seem suspicious that that very day Missy couldn't make it past breakfast without raging over a request to wash her hands.

I ended up walking with her to church to calm her. They didn't get to sleep in today. I doubt they will get to sleep in ever again. Poor things. Okay, not really, it's for their own good. Poor Daddy-o who has to get up and run them every day!!

Running is not a solution really, but  it is a way to handle their stress and it does make their lives and our lives easier, at least for now.

I'm praying for ways to get to the root of their issues.  I'm studying some interesting material from Paul Coneff. The link to his Straight 2 The Heart website: 
He has a book about to be released, but until it is, I am scouring the internet for articles and sermons. Very powerful.


Vanessa's new Sabbath school class that she started for new believers / Healing God's Way class went very well. She's using the Biblical Response Therapy Bible studies from Dan Gabbert . Buddy's mom, and Missy's in-home caregiver and a few others attended. Dave T is helping her with the class and he is very good at making people comfortable and he is quite knowledgeable. It is a closed class - by invitation only. We pray that this new venture will be a true blessing. It meant she had to give up teaching cradle roll - which put me in that position. That doesn't go well when Missy's throwing a huge tantrum and I have to walk her until she calms and I am plain late for class. Christina taught for me yesterday. She's so efficient though, she went through the entire program in 20 minutes... lol! And there was still a lot of time to fill when I got there and so  I had to make up stuff.

You have to wonder what God is preparing my girls for. Our nutty little corner of the world has exposed them to so much and taught them more than we could have ever imagined. Vanessa is carrying an amazing load with helping Buddy's family and coming home and helping me, and still doing excellent in nursing school. God is gracious. Brianna, too... even far away, was asked to preach the sermon yesterday with NO advance warning. BUT she was prepared and able. She is getting herself a little reputation for being klutzy, though.

Oh. That Sabbath issue that Vanessa had to take up with her teacher? Solved. God solved it for her ahead of time. The day that she is scheduled to work into Sabbath hours they planned for a special speaker to come in and lecture the students. He will be done before Sabbath arrives and they will be on their way home! PTL! 

Well, there's a helicopter spraying the orchard in front of our house. As exciting as that all is to the little people, I must go get them away from there.

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Oldqueen44 said...

So glad God took care of the Sabbath issue.