Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Discovery Expedition

When I least expect it,
When I would most certainly rather not,
We make another incredible discovery. Here's a couple of fine examples just from today.

Someone tried to destroy her dresser 4 days ago. Dad discovered the wreckage this morning.

I went ahead and dumped all the clothes out of the drawers, and while Dad repaired the damage, I sorted out the clothes and pared them down to necessities only.  She now has a small wicker basket of socks, pjs and underwear, another with a few sets of school clothes, and a very small basket with two sets of play clothes. Her church dress is in my closet.  The dresser was given to a sibling since we are always one or two dressers short around here.

I noticed the hens were all over the yard and garden when James had not even been home to let them out. Upon investigation it was discovered that a small boy disregarded explicit orders,  worked the latch of the barn door, and raided the hen house. Almost all the eggs had been smashed. What a mess! The hens were "fed" eggs and we even had eggs smashed on the front door step. He's going to do some odd jobs to pay James for damages.

Someone was caught treating her in-home caregiver very, very rudely!  . . .  Someone was caught kicking and screaming and treating his mother horribly at his visit.  Two boys were not allowed to go to daycare today. I don't know if I will allow Pieter to go back at all. The other parents are not happy about some things their children have been exposed to thru my two foster children. Can I blame them?

So much anger bubbling from young hearts. It's overwhelming. I admit I'm counting the days until the boys are moved. This boy is very, very angry and I can't give him all he needs. Oscar still screams and demands and throws and spits and bites and yells ALL DAY LONG. It might not be quite as bad as it was, but the issues are deep seated. I can only offer band-aids.

The flue hit this house hard yesterday. First a phone call from the school. James had puked all over his classroom. Christina ran to get him.... and he puked on her.  He was put to bed with a bowl. Missy arrived home glassy eyed and odd looking. Off to bed with her, too. Vanessa succumbed about an hour later. AND SHE WAS SICK!! Christina was the last domino of the day.... I went to bed with a serious migraine and imagined that I would have a house full of sickies in the morning, but James went to school and so did Missy. We let them sleep in and then took them for a hike to make sure... but they were fine and it was late start at school so, off they went.  Christina had no choice but to go to school. She's not much into eating, but she's okay. Vanessa did not attempt school, but hung out at home all day. She's doing dishes now and I would venture that means she's feeling better.

I sold my first order of tomato plants today. I have several more orders reserved. We are off to a good start.

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