Monday, April 7, 2014

And Lived to Tell About It.....

Spring break is over!  Yipee! That was a long one.


Steve has been spending a LOT of time being very intentional about teaching the twins about life and right and wrong. He's been digging a new path up the mountain with them. As they carve the steps he talks about building a high road for others to follow. He is talking to them about character and the power of choice and influence.  He is also encouraging them to memorize scripture and tries to get them to sing with him. Sadly, they often roll their eyes and their body language speaks of total disdain. There are flickers of interest.... but fleeting.

He's planting seeds. Some fall on stony ground, some are eaten by the bird, some are choked out by briars and weeds. Prayerfully, there will be some left to take root and hopefully a drought won't fry the seedlings.

Vanessa has been very intentional about reading to the kids, taking them on walks and pointing out object lessons. She prays with them and points them to the higher road. She encourages them in their memorization of the 10th chapter of John. The twins blank stares and listless attitudes make the work difficult. At least Pieter is interested in the stories. He'd never heard about Jesus before and he hasn't quite gotten over the pictures of the cross, yet. Isabel, too,  is a sponge soaking it up.

Vanessa is faithfully watering the seeds and fertilizing the ground.

I deal with tantrums and put out fires. I keep food on the table, and the kids' hair cut and their bodies dressed in decent clothing. I make them practice their instruments and drive them to therapy. I ask to see their homework, I pack their lunch and hand out their vitamins. I provide them with useful occupation that I feel is vital to their learning and sense of responsibility. At times I get excited about something I think I could share with them that they might be interested in, but they rebuff all efforts and I give up.  I feel shriveled and I care not to teach, or lead as I have seen no results from my previously spent blood, sweat and tears. Lack of faith?  I know it isn't right. I'm glad the others are the net to catch where I'm failing...  Something has to give and since the kids don't care to change, I guess it's going to have to be me. 


PS. Christina has completed her lifeguard class. She can save you if you are drowning and perform CPR and bring you back to life, if need be. :-) She and her friend had a rare opportunity. A group of search and rescue divers came in to use the pool for some practice operations while the girls were practicing their life saving skills. The teacher allowed the divers to take over the class and teach them some very interesting things that wouldn't be a part of the usual curriculum. The interactions and exercises were stimulating. While the rest of the class kind of put up with it, Kendall and Christina ate it up!! They worked hard and totally impressed the divers.  In the end, the divers left partial scholarships for those two girls to get their diving license. Who knows, they may be a part of a search and rescue dive team some day.


Oldqueen44 said...

Its a hard life what you do. You will be energized again soon and get back to the challenge of it all. Just hang in there and let God refresh you.

Shining stars of the class those two girls are!

Enjoli said...

You guys are doing great with the twins and all the others. Keeping you in my prayers!

Btw, That's nice to know, Christina. When I go swimming, I'll make sure you're close by... Lol! ;D I actually know how to do CPR too but you sound more professional. :)

child of The King said...

Galatians 6:9

My girls were difficult, not like the twins, but not easy either. I gave up too soon and I regret it. Don't give up, what you are doing is worth your effort.